Vantage Hill Tot Lot in Reston, VA!

Vantage Hill Tot Lot is located in the Lake Anne division of the Reston Park Association.  Located right off the trail, this small neighborhood tot lot was a nice stop for our boys.

Address: 1694 Wainwright Drive, Reston, VA


Last week we entered the trail off of Wainwright Drive.  We parked on the street and entered the green trail and shortly down the walking trail, over a bridge and to the left was a small tot lot.  During our walk on the trail we also came across the Vantage Hill Pool.  Although it was already  closed for the season, we still took a picture of the sign. The tot lot itself, is pretty small, but has a slide, steering wheel and steps.  Perfect for my boys as they loved going on a “treasure hunt”, going over the bridge to get to this playground.



If you live in the Lake Anne neighborhood, enjoy a nice walk on the trail and stop at this tot lot.

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