Triple Crown Rec Area & Steeplechase Rec Area in Reston, VA!

During one of our park crawls in Reston we headed to several Reston Association Tot Lots to check them out. I’m a big fan of the trail system both paved and unpaved in Reston. You can absolutely get lost on some of the more natural trails. In this review I’m combining two different play areas since Triple Crown Rec Area has a parking lot and picnic shelter with portable restrooms. Steeplechase Rec Area has a playground area with a bench. For visitors you can park at the Triple Crown parking lot and walk down the mulch trail across the street to get to the Steeplechase Rec Area. If you follow the trail for about 5 minutes you’ll find the Steeplechase Rec Area. This play area can only be reached by the trail system with no parking available.

Address: Steeplechase Drive & Triple Crown Rd

T, S, W, R



The Triple Crown Rec Area has a large picnic pavilion and tables with portable restrooms, grills, parking lot and two swings. The Picnic Pavilion known as The Pony Barn can be rented through the Reston Association.



Steeplechase Rec Area can be reached via the trail system with one of the entrances being on Triple Crown Rd. Even though it is a mulch trail, a stroller or wagon wouldn’t have too hard of a time reaching the play area. The boys enjoyed crossing the small bridge to get to the play area. The play area includes a small piece of play equipment and swings.




If you live in the Reston area or just want to check out a new park check out these two Reston Association parks.

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