Temporary Road Recreation Area in Reston, VA!

Temporary Road Recreation Area is located in the Lake Anne quarter of the Reston Association.  This park had a nice serene atmosphere to it.  There is a big open yard where our boys kicked a ball to each other while I sat and enjoyed the calmness of the park.

Address: N. Shore Drive, Reston, VA 



There are two ways to enter this park; if you are on the trail, you can enter it that way near the swings or if  traveling by car, the park is located of North Shore Drive.  This park is extremely shaded with lots of trees.  All the leaves are starting to fall and it truly is a perfect Autumn setting.  The picnic pavilion is beautiful and has lots of space and a grill. If you are looking to rent, click here.

There is a large, open area that is great for kids.  To the right of the pavilion is a nice little bistro stone table with two stone stools.  Swings are also included at this park; there is one infant swing and one normal swing to enjoy.


If you are located in the Lake Anne quarter, hop on the trail and check out this recreation area!

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