Howison Homestead in Woodbridge, VA!

Howison Homestead in Woodbridge, VA!

Last week we spent some time visiting parks in Woodbridge, VA.   Howison Homestead Park is managed by Prince William County Park Authority.   This park was a lot of fun and my boys especially loved the train themed playground  equipment.

Address:  14716 Minnieville Road, Woodbridge, VA

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Howison Homestead Park has three soccer fields, two picnic pavilions, concession stands with restrooms, a train themed playground, as well as another playground, a digger and a see-saw.   The train themed playground is surrounded by a sand like floor and is built like a train, has a sliding board, steering wheel instead and a tunnel to crawl through.  In the area of the train playground there is also a small digger that you can maneuver on your own to pick up and discard sand.  My boys really enjoyed making “sand” piles, while the other crashed them. The other playground has mulch on the ground. This play area has a few climbing areas, a large slide and a regular slide. This area also has the see-saw.  There are two benches and a nice little sitting area that overlooks both play grounds.


Just past the playground is one of the park pavilions with two picnic tables.  The other pavilion is just behind the concession stands and bathrooms.  There are also three different soccer fields that have different leagues throughout the year.


Marumsco Acre Lake Park in Woodbridge, VA!

Marumsco Acre Lake Park in Woodbridge, VA!

Marumsco Acre Lake Park in Prince William County includes a lake, basketball court, picnic pavilion and playground area. The lake has a small platform area where you can walk out on and fish from. You can also fish from the shore line. There is a small parking lot that you can park in so you don’t have to park in the neighborhood.

Address: 14398 Melbourne Road, Woodbridge, VA 22191

T, S, -, -


The playground has a newer piece of play equipment that would be great for preschool and school-aged children. Both regular and toddler swings are available. No restrooms at this park but charcoal grills and two (2) picnic pavilions are available right next to the water.


This is a very cute park in the Woodbridge area. One of the bonuses is that it’s located right next to the train tracks. Don’t worry there is a fence separating the park from the tracks. The kids can hear and see the train through the trees. The train is more visible when the leaves are off of the trees though….:)

Waterworks Waterpark in Woodbridge, VA!

Waterworks Waterpark in Woodbridge, VA!

Waterworks Waterpark in Woodbridge, VA sits in the Andrew Leitch Park. Last year we weren’t able to go to the waterpark due to a thunderstorm that popped up during our visit to Andrew Leitch Park. In comparison to Splash Down Waterpark located in Manassas, Waterworks is smaller. The waterpark offers a 2-story slide, zero entry pool, leap pads, and kids area. They do charge an admission fee for entrance to the park. Click the link above to get current rates. Picnic Pavilions are available for rental both inside and outside the waterpark. For more information and rates click here.

Address: 5301 Dale Blvd, Woodbridge, VA 22193

*****(If you put in Dale City versus Woodbridge for the City it will send you to another spot along Dale Blvd)*****


The boys had a great time at the park. Sadly the kids area wasn’t open due to mechanical problems but the my kiddos were able to play in zero entry beach area. The kids area looked like a lot of fun and I was able to take pictures of the area even though it wasn’t working. The boys weren’t quite tall enough to play on the water lily pads and 2-story waterslide since the requirement is 48″ tall. Remember you cannot bring food and drinks into the park but they do offer a snack bar if the kids get hungry. We brought our lunch so we just got our hand stamped and headed to one of the picnic benches outside the waterpark.










There are  pavilions you can sit under to get out of the sun along with plenty of cabana chairs around the area. The only small downside to this park is if you have an older child (48″+) who wants to go in the bigger area and you have a munchkin who wants to stay in the kid area. There is a pretty good distance between the two and you wouldn’t be able to appease both kids without losing sight of one child. That being said my kids a great time. Even though they couldn’t do everything it was much better than our community pool and a change of pace.


Fantasy Playground in Woodbridge, VA!

Fantasy Playground in Woodbridge, VA!

The Fantasy Playground in the Lake Ridge area of Woodbridge is an awesome park. The wood play equipment has a great Fort feel to it with some great climb on, over and under areas of the play equipment. Also no sand or mulch in this park, small pebbles are great for the kids to play on and play with.

Address: 12298 Cotton Mill Dr, Woodbridge, VA  22192   

T, S, -, -


The boys LOVED this park! There were running all over the place crawling through the tunnels, forts and tires. There is a great area where the monkey bars and rings are made for the shorter crowd. So no need to hold them up when they try to make it across. There are a couple tight spots where I had trouble getting my 5’7″ frame through when the boys asked me to follow. I think I would of tried it even if they didn’t ask me too, it’s just that neat. There are plenty of spots to sit and watch the kiddos play throughout the equipment as well.




This is a pretty awesome park especially since it breaks the mold from the other parks in the area. There isn’t much shade around the park so during the hotter days it gets pretty warm. Also parking is pretty slim during the summer months since the park shares a parking lot with a community pool. But there is plenty of street parking. Since there are no restrooms at the park don’t fret there is plenty of public restrooms in the strip mall near the park. If you live in the Woodbridge area I would absolutely check out this awesome park!

Leesylvania State Park in Woodbridge, VA!

Leesylvania State Park in Woodbridge, VA!

Today we headed out to Leesylvania State Park in Woodbridge, VA. It was a beautiful day to head out by the water to play on the beach, hike the trails and check out the Visitor Center. There is an admission fee of $5 for a single car. The Virginia State Park has many activities including boating, fishing, picnicking and hiking. For picnic shelter rental click here for more information.

Address: 2001 Daniel K. Ludwig Dr., Woodbridge, VA 22191-4504

T, -, W, R


The picnic area of the park has 1/2 mile of sandy beach where you can wade into the water but there is no swimming due to the amount of boats and unknown hazards on the bottom of the river. The four picnic shelters can be rented for gatherings as well as a large open area. Indoor restrooms are available near the Visitor Center. Near the picnic area you’ll find the Visitor Center which has a neat Discovery Room where the kids can touch almost everything and learn about the animals that inhabit the park. On the other end of the Visitor Center is a small gift shop and Historic displays.





The park also includes a boat launch where you can launch both motorized and non-motorized boats. Fishing can be done both on the pier and by boat with a VA or MD fishing license. The only camping that can be done at Leesylvania State Park is tents-only primitive camping for large groups. Hiking is another big activity at the park with 5 trails to get lost on, click here for a trail map. The boys and I headed out onto the Powell’s Creek Trail and had a lot of fun. We saw of course a ton of cicada and squirrels but we were lucky enough to see a few deer near the trail. If you’re into geocaching this park has a ton of hidden caches for you to find.


Leesylvania State Park is a great park. If you live in Northern Virginia this is a must see park. We didn’t make it to the small playground that is part of the park but the kids were just too tired to check it out….:)


Rippon Landing Neighborhood Park in Woodbridge, VA!

Rippon Landing Neighborhood Park in Woodbridge, VA!

Rippon Landing Neighborhood Park in Woodbridge, VA is a natural park with hiking trails, picnic pavilion, tot lot, sand volleyball court, and horseshoe pits. The picnic pavilion use is a first come first serve basis, no reservations are available. In addition to the park, the Rippon Lodge Historic Site is located across the street. The Rippon Lodge Historic Site is open for tours and events. Check out the calendar and find out how you can tour and learn about the Historic home situated between the Neabsco Creek and Route 1. The road that the park and home are situated off of is named after the original owner, Richard Blackburn. Blackburn was a landowner in the 1700’s that grew tobacco, wheat and other crops.

Address: 15520 Blackburn Road, Woodbridge VA 

T, -, W, R


To reach the park you need to park at the corner of Blackburn & Rippon Blvd in the gravel parking lot. The porta potty is located in the parking lot a small distance from the picnic pavilion & playground area. From the parking lot just head out onto the paved path. Here you can choose to head either down the gravel hiking trails towards the wetlands or continue onto to the playground area. The playground area has a large piece of newer play equipment & musical instruments that are part of the play set. A picnic pavilion is located right next to the playground area, sand volleyball court and horseshoe pits.






We headed out on the trails but didn’t get as far as we could since it had just rained but the boys got to see the marshland and some wildlife. We saw a few snakes and lots of waterfowl. There are a few geocaches that you can find in the park if you’re into geocaching. If you live in the Woodbridge/Dumfries area of Prince William County you should check out Rippon Landing Neighborhood Park!


Occoquan Park in Woodbridge, VA!

Occoquan Park in Woodbridge, VA!

Occoquan Park is a neat litte park by the Marina. A fence completely seperates the park from the boat slips but the kids get to watch the boats go up and down the Occoquan River. The park includes a small picnic pavilion, small piece of play equipment, and both types of swings.

Address: 12701 Poplar Lane Woodbridge, VA 22192

The park doesn’t have a sign but it does have a small parking lot. There is a little bit of shade around the equipment but it does help that it’s close to water with a nice breeze most of the time. There are no restrooms at this park but Historic Occoquan is just down the road with plenty of public restrooms and places to stop and eat.

This is a small park but the kids had a great time checking out the boats. If you live near Historic Occoquan or near the marina in Woodbridge you should check it out.


Lancaster Park in Woodbridge, VA!

Lancaster Park in Woodbridge, VA!

Last week we checked out Lancaster Park in Woodbridge, VA. I was pleasantly surprised when we pulled up to the Prince William County park which is located near Woodbridge Middle School. The park had brand new equipment for both younger and older children.

Address:  13800 Pop Mourey Place, Woodbridge, VA 22191

*****The address on the PWC website and sign are incorrect*****

The park has two sets of play equipment and both types of swings. There is a picnic pavilion, volleyball and basketball court, and horseshoe pits. The park does not have any restrooms but there is a little bit of shade around the equipment.

My boys really enjoyed the park and were pretty excited about the big slides. If you live in the Woodbridge area around the Woodbridge Senior High School you should check out Lancaster Park!

Lake Ridge Park & Marina in Woodbridge, VA!

Lake Ridge Park & Marina in Woodbridge, VA!

Today I was in the Woodbridge area scoping out some neighborhoods for a client and on the way we stopped at several parks. Our first stop was Lake Ridge Park & Marina. The park overlooks Occoquan Reservoir and has a 9-hole golf course, mini golf course, playground, marina and hiking trails.

Address: 12350 Cotton Mill Drive, Woodbridge, VA

We loved this park. The boys had a great time sitting down by the dock watching the fish and geese then hiking on the wooded trails. After lunch we walked over to the playground along a dirt trail. You can also just park by the playground which is down from the Par 3 golf course and right next door to the mini golf course. The mini golf course was not open due to maintenance. The playground didn’t have much shade over the equipment but there is shade for the kids to get out of the heat. Restrooms are located down by the marina. At the Marina you can rent paddle boats, canoes and fishing boats for a fee. Along with the rentals there is a snack bar. There is a lauch ramp for personal boats and you just pay your lauch fee down at the Marina. No swimming is allowed in the Reservoir but you can catch and release fish.

 We loved this natural park. The Lake Ridge area of Woodbridge is a great place to live especially with the great natural parks in the area.

Keytone Park in Woodbridge, VA!

Keytone Park in Woodbridge, VA!

Keytone Park is located amongst a neighborhood in Woodbridge, VA. The park doesn’t have a sign but when you drive down Keytone Road it’s located in the cul-de-sac across the way from single-family homes.


Address: 13449 Keytone Road Woodbridge, VA 22193

T, S, -, -

 The park doesn’t have much shade in the way of trees but there is an umbrella on the equipment. There are both types swings but no restrooms at this park but plenty of grass and a picnic pavilion you can rent from the county.

I was pleasantly surprised with this park. The equipment was in great shape and the grounds were clean. If you live off of Dale Blvd or in Woodbridge check out Keytone Park!