Tysons Woods Park in Vienna, VA!

Tysons Woods Park in Vienna, VA!

Tysons Woods Park in Vienna, VA is a nice park that has all sorts of different play equipment for all ages. There is also a few picnic tables in the wooded area to have a nice picnic lunch or snack. A short paved trail runs through the park to get to the other neighborhoods and also to the W&OD Trail. If you click on the google map address below you can see where the walking paths meet up with the W&OD Trail.

Address: 8425 Overlook St., Vienna, VA 22182

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The playground area has preschool-age equipment with toddler swings surrounded by a fence but no gate. Then there is a large piece of school-age equipment and a couple regular swings. There are a couple neat climbing apparatuses as well. Just down the path you’ll find lots of shade under the canopy of the trees and several picnic tables. There is plenty of shade around and over the play equipment but no restrooms at this park.


This is a very neat park that has a lot of play equipment for all ages. The shade is an extra bonus as sometimes the Northern Virginia can get quite hot. If you live in Vienna and are looking for a new park, check out Tysons Woods Park!

Trailside Park in Ashburn, VA!

Trailside Park in Ashburn, VA!

Trailside Park in Ashburn,  VA is located off of Claibourne Parkway in the Ashburn Farm Community. Ashburn Farm was once known as Gray Dairy Farm. In 1986 construction began on the planned community of homes, townhomes and condos. Many natural areas were preserved and some turned into parks including Trailside Park. This Loudoun County park includes 3 baseball fields, in-line skating rink and a big playground. The W&OD; trail runs right along side the park and is nice way to walk, jog or bike to get there.

The play equipment is tucked back away and the trees offer plenty of shade during the hotter months. There are 3 large pieces of play equipment equipped for all age ranges. One of the larger pieces of equipment looks like a castle. Littler equipment is also available including a rocket, train and school bus for the kids climb in and pretend. Picnic tables are available inside and just outside the playground. Bathrooms are available at the snack bar and if the doors are locked they also have a porta potty just outside the entrance to the playground.

Trailside is one of our top ten parks of all time. It’s very well maintained and always a hit with the kids.

The next park we plan to explore is Bles Park in Ashburn!