Eugene Simpson Stadium Park, Alexandria, VA!

Eugene Simpson Stadium Park, Alexandria, VA!

 Last week we spend some time at a few parks in Alexandria and came across this park.  Eugene Simpson Stadium Park has a baseball playing field, concession stands and a mini, gated in dog park.

Address: 426 E. Monroe Avenue, Alexandria, VA  22301

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Eugene Simpson Stadium Park is located right off of Monroe Street, across the street from Giant and the YMCA.  There are ball fields, basketball court, bleachers, concession stands and a dog park.  There is a small parking lot as you first enter the park.  The dog park is a nice size to let them run around and have fun.  It was very busy that day and it was cute to watch all the dogs run around.


If you live nearby and have a dog, this is a park worth trying out.  Or if you have a child playing ball, bring along your dog and enjoy some time at the dog park.