Rocky Run Park in Arlington, VA!

Rocky Run Park in Arlington, VA!

Thinking of Spring yet?  We are! Rocky Run Park in Arlington, VA is such a fun park to visit! This park recently had a new makeover in 2014 (phase 1) and has something for everyone to enjoy!  Part of Phase 2 is renovation of the restrooms, so there currently are not any restrooms at this park.  This park is located in the Clarendon area of Arlington.  Included at this park are basketball courts, covered pavilion, climbing wall, modern style playground equipment, rope pyramid, sand area, swings, a large tube slide and so much more!

 Address: 1109 N Barton St, Arlington, VA 22201

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There is one area of the park geared towards 5-12 year old with lots of climbing equipment and another area for 0-5 year olds.  The middle of the climbing equipment looks like a spider web.  It connects to a larger play structure, which includes ropes to climb, a climbing wall, and a curving tube slide.  This area also includes two rope-like tire swings and an orange piece of circular equipment.  The orange equipment is round shaped and is made for kids to grab a hold of it and spin around in circles.


The playground geared towards 0-5 year olds is where we spent most of our time! This section was awesome and unlike any other park I have been to before.  There are benches all around for the adults to sit at.  I would say this is more of a modern style play ground.  There was a rubbery hop scotch, sand pit, lots of little cars on springs on the “rubbery road”, as well as a little cute market set up to be on the side of the “rubber road”.


Also included at the 0-5 year old playground is a smaller playground structure as well as 4 infant swings.  My little ones couldn’t get over all the choices of equipment to play on.  Of course it was one of the nicer days, so it was pretty crowded.


In addition to all the exciting playgrounds, Rocky Run Park also has a pavilion, a cemented area leading to the lower part of this park, which includes two basketball courts and a lighted turf field.  Although we didn’t bring any, I saw a bunch of kids riding their bikes down the sidewalk to the fields.



This, in my opinion, is a must visit park.  If you don’t live in Arlington, pack a picnic lunch and check this park out! You won’t be disappointed!

Stafford Drive Park in Fairfax, VA!

Stafford Drive Park in Fairfax, VA!

Last week we ventured out to Fairfax County and came across this great park in the City of Fairfax.  Stafford Drive Park has over 24 acres, which includes a multi purpose turf field, large playground, rest rooms and a nice walking trail.

Address: 3300 Stafford Drive, Fairfax, VA 

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 From the parking lot, you can take part of the walking trail to the playground.  The turf field was busy with school aged children practicing soccer.



This playground has so much to do and is great for all ages! There is a large set of playground equipment with three large slides, a small playground for the little ones and another set of equipment that is great for little ones to run around and climb the monkey bars. The entertainment doesn’t stop there;  there is also a climbing wall, a red car, a ball maze, musical instrument section and a whole row of both infant and regular swings.


Upon entering the park there is a large parking lot with ample parking.  Included at the park are restrooms, multi-purpose turf field, walking trails and a very large playground with swings.  The restrooms are located at the entrance of the park.


We did head out to this park right after school let out, so it was starting to get pretty busy by the time made it to the playground area.  However, if you live in the City of Fairfax or in Fairfax County, check this park out!


Linway Terrace Park in Mclean, VA!

Linway Terrace Park in Mclean, VA!

A couple weeks ago we were out in Mclean so we decided to check out a few of the Fairfax County parks. We hit up Linway Terrace Park which offers lit tennis courts, turf sports field, jogging track, baseball field, basketball courts and playground.

Address: 6246 Linway Ter., McLean, VA 22101

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The kiddos had a great time at the playground then they took off to play on turf field kicking their soccer ball around. The playground area is tiered so if you had one kid on the playground and one kid on the swings you can’t really see both areas at the same time. There is a large bush in between the two spots which it makes it hard to see both. There is one large piece of play equipment which is in complete shade even during the winter months. One thing about the equipment that I thought was odd was one section of the play equipment has a ramp. As the children step up to enter the ramp it gets narrow and my son wacked his knee on the corner of the handrail several times. He did enjoy the balance platform they have at the park. One nice bonus besides the extensive shade is the year around porta potty located near the tennis courts.

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This is a nice park in the Potomac Hills area of Mclean. The jogging track is a nice feature and I saw several people utilizing it while we were at the park. The shade around the playground area is really nice especially during the hot summers.