Howison Homestead in Woodbridge, VA!

Howison Homestead in Woodbridge, VA!

Last week we spent some time visiting parks in Woodbridge, VA.   Howison Homestead Park is managed by Prince William County Park Authority.   This park was a lot of fun and my boys especially loved the train themed playground  equipment.

Address:  14716 Minnieville Road, Woodbridge, VA

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Howison Homestead Park has three soccer fields, two picnic pavilions, concession stands with restrooms, a train themed playground, as well as another playground, a digger and a see-saw.   The train themed playground is surrounded by a sand like floor and is built like a train, has a sliding board, steering wheel instead and a tunnel to crawl through.  In the area of the train playground there is also a small digger that you can maneuver on your own to pick up and discard sand.  My boys really enjoyed making “sand” piles, while the other crashed them. The other playground has mulch on the ground. This play area has a few climbing areas, a large slide and a regular slide. This area also has the see-saw.  There are two benches and a nice little sitting area that overlooks both play grounds.


Just past the playground is one of the park pavilions with two picnic tables.  The other pavilion is just behind the concession stands and bathrooms.  There are also three different soccer fields that have different leagues throughout the year.