Mason Avenue Park, Alexandria, VA!

Mason Avenue Park, Alexandria, VA!

Mason Avenue Park is a small neighborhood park right off of Mason Avenue that has been adopted by the Del Ray Citizens Association.   This park is accessible from Mason Avenue or Monroe Avenue.  In between an apartment complex and a row of houses, this park is surrounded by a bunch of trees and has parking along the streets.

Address: 10 East Monroe Avenue, Alexandria, VA 22301

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This park includes a large piece of playground equipment, a see-saw, swings (two infant, two regular) and sitting area.  The playground equipment has a climbing wall, three slides and monkey bars.   There are no restrooms or walking trails at this small neighborhood park.  There are no fences around the park, so be aware this park is between Mason and Monroe Avenue, which can be two busy roads.


If you live near Mason or Monroe Avenue, this is a nice shaded park with lots of seating.