Seneca Regional Park in Great Falls, VA

Seneca Regional Park in Great Falls, VA

Seneca Regional Park is one of my favorite hiking spots in Fairfax County. You will find folks riding horses, mountain biking or hiking through the park. There are multiple signs throughout the park teaching patrons about the history of the park. The remaining portion of George Washington’s Potowmack Canal is also part of the parks history and can be found on the signs in the park.

Address: 101 Seneca Rd, Great Falls, VA 22066

Seneca Regional Park is part of the Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority. They have a great map of the trials including the Potomac Heritage Trail that runs along the Potomac River. The terrain ranges from small to medium hills with gravel and dirt trails. Parts of the trail along the Potomac can get muddy if it’s been raining. The Potomac Heritage Trail can be used to head to Algonkian Regional Park and Riverbend Park. On the day of the photos we had a few days of rain so the Potomac River inlets were pretty high. There are some great places along the river for the kids to see the river safely. Strollers would be a no go for this park but a backpack for the kids would be perfect. No restrooms at this park though.

Get out and enjoy a beautiful park just outside your doorstep!

Stafford Drive Park in Fairfax, VA!

Stafford Drive Park in Fairfax, VA!

Last week we ventured out to Fairfax County and came across this great park in the City of Fairfax.  Stafford Drive Park has over 24 acres, which includes a multi purpose turf field, large playground, rest rooms and a nice walking trail.

Address: 3300 Stafford Drive, Fairfax, VA 

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 From the parking lot, you can take part of the walking trail to the playground.  The turf field was busy with school aged children practicing soccer.



This playground has so much to do and is great for all ages! There is a large set of playground equipment with three large slides, a small playground for the little ones and another set of equipment that is great for little ones to run around and climb the monkey bars. The entertainment doesn’t stop there;  there is also a climbing wall, a red car, a ball maze, musical instrument section and a whole row of both infant and regular swings.


Upon entering the park there is a large parking lot with ample parking.  Included at the park are restrooms, multi-purpose turf field, walking trails and a very large playground with swings.  The restrooms are located at the entrance of the park.


We did head out to this park right after school let out, so it was starting to get pretty busy by the time made it to the playground area.  However, if you live in the City of Fairfax or in Fairfax County, check this park out!


Soapstone North Recreational Area in Reston, VA!

Soapstone North Recreational Area in Reston, VA!

Part of the Hunter Woods/Dogwood district, Soapstone North Recreational Area is located off of the trails in Reston, VA and off of Soapstone Road.  Located right behind Kindercare.

Address: 2300 Soapstone Drive, Reston, VA  20191

T, S, W, -


As mentioned above, this park is located right off of the trails in Reston.  This park is a very nice shaded area.  There is a small playground area with four slides and four swings (two infant and two regular).  There is also a picnic table and a bench.  The ground of the playground area has mulch and the playground is a good distance away from Soapstone Road, so you don’t have to worry about a busy road.  There is a parking lot as well.


 If you are in walking distance to Hunter Woods/Dogwood parks, hop on the trail and enjoy a nice nature walk and picnic lunch.

Huntington Park in Alexandria, Va

Huntington Park in Alexandria, Va

This park is located  in the middle of the Huntington neighborhood, not too far from the Huntington metro, located in Alexandria.  This park is located in a cul-da-sac and has plenty of parking.

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Huntington Park, Alexandria, VA

 The tot lot is set back into the park, along the walking trail.  There are two slides, a tunneled and a wraparound.  Next to the tot lot is a set of two toddler swings.  In addition to all the amenities, this park has benches, trash cans and a grill.  There is not much shade over the equipment, but the park as a whole as lots of trees that give off lots of shade.


This is a nice neighborhood park to let the kids burn some energy.  So if you are in the Huntington neighborhood or close to the area, check this park out!