Lee District Park & RECenter in Alexandria, VA!

Lee District Park & RECenter in Alexandria, VA!

Today we headed back to a great park in Franconia, VA, Lee District Park & RECenter. I haven’t been back to the park since they completed the new play area, Chessie’s Big Backyard located by the Our Special Harbor Sprayground. Lee District Park is a 137-acre park complete with RECenter, large playground located by the RECenter, amphitheater, sand volleyball courts, tennis, basketball courts, baseball, soccer fields, and walking/hiking trails. The Family Recreation Area includes the sprayground, fully accessible playground, and treehouse. To check for reservations of shelter and picnic areas click here to find more information, http://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/parks/picnics/lee.htm

Address:  6601 Telegraph Rd., FRANCONIA, VA 22310

The Family Recreation Area has the sprayground which is open from May to September and FREE! The great part is they only allow a certain amount of people in at one time so it doesn’t get overcrowded. Right next door to the sprayground is Chessie’s Big Backyard. The play area is fully accessible to all children with padded rubber flooring and ramps wide enough for wheelchair access. Chessie’s Big Backyard does have lots of shade around it and the best part is the indoor restrooms located right next to the play area. We normally eat our lunch in the treehouse but it has no benches or tables. Just outside the entrance to the treehouse are a few circular benches and on the otherside of the play area is a large pavilion. Plenty of shade to eat a snack or pack a lunch. The only downside to the Chessie’s play area is if you have multiple children to watch it can be tough to see all sides of the play area and you constantly have to walk around to make sure you can get a peek of them.

For pictures of the treehouse, check out this article.

The other playground is located right next to the RECenter. The playground normally has a cover over the equipment but has been taken off for the winter and repair. We weren’t able to hit this playground for very long before we had to head out. There are many different pieces of play equipment for all ages. You can park near the RECenter or near the sand volleyball courts. Restrooms are located inside the RECenter.

We didn’t get a chance to hit the trails this time but next time we are over there we’ll head out. The boys and I had a great time at the park.  This park is one of my favorites!

Our Special Harbor Sprayground in Alexandria, VA!

Our Special Harbor Sprayground in Alexandria, VA!

Today we checked out Our Special Harbor Sprayground in Franconia, VA. Located in Fairfax County, the sprayground is in the Family Recreation Area of Lee District Park.

Address: 6601 Telegraph Rd, Alexandria, VA 22310

The park has zero water depth and tons of fountains. There are several interactive water features including water dumping buckets, water tables and a water maze. The best part is the admission to the park is FREE! Since the park can get quite busy they have the right to limit admission so it doesn’t get overcrowded. There is plenty of shade and chairs for the kids to take a break. The park offers several family restrooms in the sprayground and outside near the picnic pavilion. The park now has a new rule that water shoes must be worn in the sprayground at all times since it can be slippery.

When the kids were done with the sprayground we headed over to the tree house for some lunch. The tree house is a series of ramps out into a forested area with a stream below. Benches are available just outside the tree house and platform area in the tree house is a great spot to eat some lunch.

This is an awesome place to take the kids to get out of the heat without having all the worries of being around a pool. The tree house is also a nice place to get under some shade and be part of nature.