Cub Run Stream Valley Park in Centreville, VA!

A follower of NoVA  Outdoors, Suzanne Leonard, wanted to put together her review on a favorite park and trail system. Thank you Suzanne! Cub Run Stream Valley Park in Centreville is mostly a trail park but does have one playground area in all of the 800-acres. Here is a map of the area.

Address: 5501 Sully Park Drive, Centreville, VA 20120 (Look for the trail between Kamputa and Deer Pond Rd)


So, how do you get to this awesome trail? There is a very hidden, but great access point on Sully Park Drive in Centreville. The public can park for free along Sully Park Drive, which features marked parking lanes along the entirety of the right and left sides of the road. Once parked, look for the very inconspicuous and barely marked trail entry point on Sully Park Drive between Kamputa Drive and Deer Pond Road. The trail immediately dips down a sharp little hill and, after a very short walk bordering housing, you will see the playground and basketball court before entering the truly wooded trail. Keep going until you hit the cement cylinder bridge crossing the stream to start really experiencing the park’s natural wonders.



So, why venture to this hidden gem? It’s not only large—offering more than 800 acres of preserved natural beauty—but it also offers miles (5 miles north trail and 2.5 miles on the south trail) of paved, family friendly biking/hiking trails and is home to the largest Bluebell flower organism on the East Coast.

The trails are great for running, bike riding, or just taking a leisurely stroll. The park boarder is lined with residential neighborhoods, but once you commit to walking deeper into the trail system, the winding trails are surrounded by forest on both sides. There are many nice sights to see along the trail, including a historic stone bridge and picturesque Cub Run Stream, which in some places you have to cross via “fair weather” stepping stones.

The park’s most attractive sight is only available in April each year when the enormous stand of bluebells blooms for one to three weeks. Heralding in the coming of Spring, at this time of year the trees still all have wintery bare branches making the acres-wide carpet of striking blue bells truly breath taking. It is a great time to bring the family for a bluebell picnic along the stream’s bank and to capture some truly amazing family photos.





Stick to the Northern side of the park to take in the largest swaths of bluebells in addition to the largest stretches of deep woods trails. There is also a small playground on the Northern side of the park and a basketball court. The playground is great for really little guys, as it is not very high off the ground and has a wide ramp for them to explore.



Cub Run Stream Valley Park in Centreville, VA is a very large green area in Fairfax County surrounded by many different neighborhoods including Virginia Run, Sully Station and London Towne West. If you live nearby or are just looking for a place to get out into nature, check out Cub Run Stream Valley Park in Centreville, VA.