Hylbrook Neighborhood Park in Woodbridge, VA!

Hylbrook Neighborhood Park in Woodbridge, VA!

Hylbrook Park in Woodbridge, VA and is a small neighborhood park in Prince William County.  Located off of Prince William Parkway, this small park has a short walking trail ans a baseball field.

Address:  2440 Prince William Pkwy, Woodbridge, Virginia 22191



As mentioned above, this park is located right off of Prince William Parkway.  There is a small parking lot as you turn off of William County Parkway.  Behind the parking lot is a small walking path facing into the woods that takes you to a local Prince William County neighborhood in Woodbridge.  The major attraction to this neighborhood park are the baseball fields.





Barcroft Park in Arlington, VA!

Barcroft Park in Arlington, VA!

Our Orthopedist was funny and mentioned Barcroft Park is her kids favorite park because the high rope climbing apparatus. The rope equipment at this park is pretty high but my oldest had a fun time pretending he was on American Ninja Warrior..:) But luckily there is not just the climbing tree to play on. This playground is near the Barcroft Sports and Fitness Center. The 65-acre park includes several sports fields including lit baseball/softball field, batting cage,tennis courts, handball court, drop-in rectangular field, volleball court, lighted basketball court, and horseshoe pit. You can even head down to the stream and try some fishing. Here is a map that kind of shows you where things are located in the park.

Address: 4200 S Four Mile Run Dr ArlingtonVA 22206 

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We only spent time at the one playground area by the parking garage but there are two other small playground areas next to the two different picnic pavilions. We’ll have to end up going back and checking them out on another day. The playground we did check out is located near all the sports fields and has indoor restrooms right next to the area. The area includes a large climbing apparatus that includes two different sizes for the kids to climb on. It was easy for me to get in there and help out when someone needed help coming down or going back up. So the little crowd doesn’t feel left out there is a preschool age slide and steps combo for them to climb on over a compressed rubber flooring. Besides the added bonus of  bathrooms being so close by there is plenty of shade over and around the equipment. Lots of benches, concrete wall and tables for everyone to sit at as well.


We will definitely head back to this park at a later date to check out the picnic pavilions, other playground areas and fishing spot. My oldest is already begging to go back and climb on the rope trees…..:)

Laurel Hill Park in Lorton, VA!

Laurel Hill Park in Lorton, VA!

Laurel Hill Park, which was once the property of the Lorton Prison and is quite historical as the prison was established around 1910.  Whether you are visiting the playground area, ball fields or their disc golf, the trails take you all around this historical landmark and you can browse around some of the original structures.  Other than being well known for previously being the Lorton Prison in the early 1900’s, this park is also well known for their 10 mile walking/hiking trail as well as their Laurel Hill Golf Club.

8400 Lorton Road, Lorton, VA  

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collage2Laurel Hill Park was a really cool and different park to visit.  We had fun looking at the old structures, exploring on their Walking/hiking trails and playing on their playground.  Their playground was right near the entrance to the walking trails.  There was a great view of the golf course below the playground as well.  Near the playground are picnic tables and a grill.   As you walk around the park, you will see there is also disc golf.  I, personally have never heard of disc golf, but it sounds like so much fun and would love to come back and play another day.  Disc Golf is like traditional ball golf, however there are no clubs and you have discs, such as frisbees, and you throw the discs for ‘par’ at an above ground target.   There are also baseball fields at this park.

collage1If you are in Lorton and are near Laurel Hill Park, check this park out!

Bren Mar Park in Alexandria!

Bren Mar Park is a 26-acre park in Alexandria, VA. The park has a large piece of play equipment, unscheduled baseball diamond, small picnic pavilion and a natural trail system. The master plan of the park has changed and as of 2011 the baseball diamond is going to be changed into a dog park. The funds are not yet available for the change but once funds are allocated the change will be made.

6324 Edsall Rd., Alexandria, VA 22312


bren mar3

The park offers an older large piece of play equipment and few ride on pieces. There is some shade around the equipment but no restrooms at this park. The picnic pavilion is small and little weathered but does give some shade. We did hit the small amount of trails and the kids had a good time on the natural surface. Strollers could make it but it would a bumpy ride. Once the dog park finally gets installed, the trails would be a perfect spot to jog/walk with a dog.

Bren mar

bren mar1

bren mar2



Bren Mar is definitely an older park and needs a little bit more mulch and some TLC. The kids still had a great time on the equipment and heading out on the trails. If you live in the Edsall area of Alexandria this little park would be a place to stop and play.


Pine Ridge Park in Annandale, VA

Pine Ridge Park in Annandale, VA

Pine Ridge Park is a small Fairfax County park located right off of Woodburn Road.  There is plenty of shade at this park if you are looking to go on a nice nature walk.

If you are interested in renting a Garden Plot here is the link on how you can do this! http://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/parks/greenspring/downloads/garden-plot-rules.pdf

3401 Woodburn Rd, Annandale, VA 22003

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This park features  three baseball and  three soccer fields, short walking trail and a garden.  Although this park doesn’t have any playground equipment, we enjoyed visiting this park to see their garden and ball fields.  There are over 159 garden plots rented to private citizens on an annual basis for both vegetable and flower gardening.  Located in the center of all the ball fields is a restroom.   There is plenty of shade and lots of parking. The fields are very busy on the weekend as a lot of organizations and schools both practice and play. 


If you are located near Annandale, I recommend stopping by this park, especially during the Spring season to see the garden and enjoy a walk.


Kirby Park in McLean, VA!

Kirby Park in McLean, VA!

Kirby Park in McLean is a very small Fairfax County Park located off of Westmoreland Drive and Kirby Road. This park has lots of shade and trees.   

2024 Kirby Road, McLean, VA


Kirby park would be a scenic park to visit during any season with all the beautiful trees surrounding.  Located right off of Westmoreland Drive and Kirby Road, this park has a walking path and takes you to the McLean Little League baseball field complex.   Although there isn’t a parking lot and the parking is along the street, as you enter Kirby Park you cross a little bridge as you enter.


Alabama Drive Park in Herndon, VA

Alabama Drive Park in Herndon, VA

Review submitted by NoVA Outdoor’s newest addition, Ashley Wells. Ashley is a mom to two wonderful boys who have plenty of energy and married to a husband who enjoys being outdoors!

Alabama Drive Park is located in Fairfax County in Herndon, VA, right off of Eldon Road.

Address: 1100 Alabama Dr, Herndon, VA 20170

T, -, -, R

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This 10 acre park has two baseball fields, lighted basketball courts, soccer field,a tot lot and a smaller for tot lot  for little ones. Although there are not any picnic tables, there are several benches to sit back and enjoy your little ones play.  There is a nice sized parking lot, however, there is not very much shade throughout the play areas.   Restrooms and trashcans are located throughout the park as well.

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If you are a Herndon resident and have kids both older and younger, this is a great park to have the older kids practice ball, while the little ones play on the tot lot.

**Please Note:  Restrooms are available May-October**