South Lakes Drive Park in Reston, VA!

I have to apologize for the pictures ahead of time. My oldest fell on the way to the park and wasn’t really into playing at the time but of course the youngest wanted to stay and play…fun times! South Lakes Drive Park in Reston includes baseball, soccer field and if you follow the trail in between the two you’ll find the playground. You can get to the playground by either walking from the adjacent townhomes, following the path that runs along South Lakes Drive or parking in the lot and walking down.

Address: South Lakes Drive Park

The playground is in complete shade with several picnic tables. The park has one piece of play equipment and it was in great shape when we were there. One of the many Reston paths run right by the park so if the kids don’t want to play you can head out on the paved trail. Porta Potties are available in the parking lot and when we were there they had just been cleaned.

If you live in the South Lakes District area of Reston or if you’re looking for a nice shady park check out the South Lakes Drive Park!

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