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Silver Lake Regional Park in Haymarket, VA!

Posted by on April 9, 2013

Over the weekend the boys and I visited Silver Lake Regional Park in Haymarket, VA. Silver Lake is 230-acres of natural space that was given to Prince William County in 2006 by the builder Toll Brothers. The park was opened in 2009 and is a very natural park with bank and non-motorized boat fishing, picnic tables by the lake, many hiking and equestrian trails. The park is a “trash free” park meaning you must take trash home with you and no trash receptacles are in the park. The master plan shows the park will be getting a playground in the future but many people in Prince William County are 0pposed and would like park to remain more passive.

Address: 16198 Silver Lake Road, Haymarket, VA

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Picnic tables are available right at the waters edge and other shady areas in the park. We had a nice picnic lunch at the waters edge then we headed out onto the hiking trails. Indoor Restrooms are available during the summer months and a porta potty sits outside them during the off months. The hiking trails are both gravel and dirt trails. Click Here for the Trail Map.





The pictures don’t do the park justice. The boys had a great time at the park and we’ll definitely be going there again with friends to hike and geocache!

5 Responses to Silver Lake Regional Park in Haymarket, VA!

  1. Mark W. Treu

    There is a second lake on the park property that is fenced off. Why is that lake not available to be enjoyed?

    • Kamber

      Hi Mark, I believe they use this secondary area for research and as a hatchery of sort. I was told this a few years ago so I’m not sure if this is still the case.

  2. Jake

    Me and the boys saw some monster fish in silver lake couldnt figure out what they were
    P.S. they hade huge fins

    • Kamber

      Hi Jake,
      If the water slightly shallow it was probably a large catfish. They don’t mind showing some fin if they are going after food.

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