Runnymeade Park in Herndon, VA!

Runnymeade Park in Herndon, VA is a 58-acre natural park in the Town of Herndon that follows along the Sugarland Run Stream. The park has hiking trails along the stream, a picnic pavilion and a porta potty. A Boy Scout project has many of the local fauna displayed with the names of the different plants and trees.

Address: 195 Herndon Parkway, Herndon, VA

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When we were here at the park it was just after the last snowfall. Certain areas along the trail can be mushy after a rain storm so beware. There is a short paved trail before it turns to gravel/dirt trail. If you’re looking for a little nature walk this is perfect local spot to check out.  Click here for the Trail Map.



When we hit the trails we also did a little geocaching along the way. If you live in the Town of Herndon and enjoy a nature hike check out Runnymeade Park.

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