Richard W. Jones Park in Chantilly, VA!

Last week we checked out Richard W. Jones Park located near the Pleasant Valley Golf Club in Chantilly, VA. This park can be reached through the parking lot of the Pleasant Valley Golf Club.

Address: Richard W. Jones Park

The park includes one piece of play equipment, tire swing, regular & toddler swings, and a few ride on pieces all in great condition. A picnic pavilion is near the play equipment and a very large grassy area. A small paved trail leads you to neighboring single family homes. Sadly there are no restrooms near the park. During certain times of the day the play area has shade over the equipment but for the most part the equipment is in the sun.

This was a nice park located off of Pleasant Valley Road in Chantilly just down from Cox Farms. When the trees are in full bloom you can’t see the park from the road. There is a nice buffer of trees between the kids and busy Pleasant Valley Road. If you live nearby in the South Riding or Virginia Run Communities you should check it out!


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