Pleasant Hill Park in Centreville, VA!

Pleasant Hill Park in Centreville, VA is a small neighborhood park in the Pleasant Hill section of Virginia Run in Western Fairfax County. The park address that is given on the Fairfax County website will not lead you to the entrance of the park. To find the entrance you need to use the address below.

Address: 6202 Riverland Run, Centreville, VA 20120

The small playground has one piece of play equipment, both types of swings, small picnic bench with cover and one ride on toy (one was missing). The large piece of equipment was in good shape and had a little bit of shade over it depending on what part of the day you are at the park. There are no restrooms at the park.

This was a cute neighborhood park. If plan to head out to this park you can park inside the cul de sac just be respectful to the homeowners or you can park on Hidden Canyon Road and just walk over.



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