Laurel Hill Park in Lorton, VA!

Laurel Hill Park, which was once the property of the Lorton Prison and is quite historical as the prison was established around 1910.  Whether you are visiting the playground area, ball fields or their disc golf, the trails take you all around this historical landmark and you can browse around some of the original structures.  Other than being well known for previously being the Lorton Prison in the early 1900’s, this park is also well known for their 10 mile walking/hiking trail as well as their Laurel Hill Golf Club.

8400 Lorton Road, Lorton, VA  

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collage2Laurel Hill Park was a really cool and different park to visit.  We had fun looking at the old structures, exploring on their Walking/hiking trails and playing on their playground.  Their playground was right near the entrance to the walking trails.  There was a great view of the golf course below the playground as well.  Near the playground are picnic tables and a grill.   As you walk around the park, you will see there is also disc golf.  I, personally have never heard of disc golf, but it sounds like so much fun and would love to come back and play another day.  Disc Golf is like traditional ball golf, however there are no clubs and you have discs, such as frisbees, and you throw the discs for ‘par’ at an above ground target.   There are also baseball fields at this park.

collage1If you are in Lorton and are near Laurel Hill Park, check this park out!

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