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Kirby Park in McLean, VA!

Posted by on February 9, 2014

Kirby Park in McLean is a very small Fairfax County Park located off of Westmoreland Drive and Kirby Road. This park has lots of shade and trees.   

2024 Kirby Road, McLean, VA


Kirby park would be a scenic park to visit during any season with all the beautiful trees surrounding.  Located right off of Westmoreland Drive and Kirby Road, this park has a walking path and takes you to the McLean Little League baseball field complex.   Although there isn’t a parking lot and the parking is along the street, as you enter Kirby Park you cross a little bridge as you enter.


One Response to Kirby Park in McLean, VA!

  1. Kamber

    Hi Danielle,

    You are correct. Some how two parks got blended together. Thank you for bringing it to my attention and we are working on it right now to get it fixed.

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