John Byers Park in Alexandria, VA!

Williamsburg Manor Park recently renamed John Byers Park in Alexandria is a small natural park with Little Hunting Creek running through it. The playground equipment and basketball court are located towards Collingwood Road. The 25 acre park has a few hiking trails near the creek.

2213 Collingwood Rd., Alexandria, VA 22308


“Old Sign Picture”


The playground is located just off the Collingwood Rd. There is no parking lot and I was forced to park along the shoulder to get to the playground. The equipment is in decent shape but the unlit basketball court is sad shape and is need of a new net and paving. A hiking trail entrance is located along the tree line. We saw several people walking their dogs down the trail.


A small park but a nice spot to stop and have the kids blow off some steam. There is plenty of grass in between the road and the play equipment if you have a runner….:)

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