J.E.B Stuart Park in Falls Church, VA


J.E.B Stuart Park in Falls Church is located right across the street from JEB Stuart High School and has all the amenities you are looking for when visiting a park.

3330 Peace Valley Lane, Falls Church, VAT, S, W, R

Whether you are on the look out for a playground, walking trail, basketball courts or tennis courts, this park has all the features you are looking for.  Located right across the street from JEB Stuart High School, at this park you will find a nice sized playground with a few slides, climbing equipment, “monkey” bars and on each side of the equipment you will find the fun, “old fashion” game to play telephone.  My boys loved hearing each other scream at each other.  A set of two infant swings are located right next to the playground as well.   Since we visited right around the time school let out, we were able to see a group of kids play basketball and practice tennis.  There was a nice little section of picnic tables with a grill as well.  Parking is located on the street (by the school).  There was a nice little trail leading you up to the play equipment, making it far enough away from the street and the school.  This park is surrounded by trees and has plenty of opportunities for shade.

jeb collage

If you are located in Falls Church and near this park, I recommend stopping by to see all the amenities this park has to offer.

 **Please note, if you do stop by during the school year and around the time of dismissal, there may be students hanging out while they wait for their rides or after school activities. **

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