Huntington Park in Alexandria, Va

This park is located  in the middle of the Huntington neighborhood, not too far from the Huntington metro, located in Alexandria.  This park is located in a cul-da-sac and has plenty of parking.

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Huntington Park, Alexandria, VA

 The tot lot is set back into the park, along the walking trail.  There are two slides, a tunneled and a wraparound.  Next to the tot lot is a set of two toddler swings.  In addition to all the amenities, this park has benches, trash cans and a grill.  There is not much shade over the equipment, but the park as a whole as lots of trees that give off lots of shade.


This is a nice neighborhood park to let the kids burn some energy.  So if you are in the Huntington neighborhood or close to the area, check this park out!

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