Horsepen Run in Sterling, VA!

Horsepen Run in Sterling, VA is located in the planned community of Countryside. The Countryside community in Loudoun County was completed in 1991 and consists of Manor Homes, Single Family Homes, Townhouses and Condos. Horsepen Run is 370-acres of undeveloped land that was donated by the developer of the Countryside community. Now Horsepen Run is a protected wetland preserve that has several different trails with the main trail leading to the Potomac River.

Horsepen Run can be accessed from the Parkway Pool parking lot off Algonkian Parkway. Along the main gravel trail you’ll find plenty of shade and a few benches on your way to the Potomac. A small creek runs the length of the trail and eventually runs out into the Potomac inlet. Smaller trails like the Bobcat, Deer and Eagle Trails allow you to walk further into the woods off of the main trail. A stroller or wagon can be taken down the main trail with a little effort. The trials are a great place to walk, jog or bike. There are a few geo-caches in the area as well. Once you have reached the Potomac there 6 picnic benches to enjoy a snack or lunch.

The kids always have a great time walking through Horsepen Run. We always spot a turtle or some other type of wildlife. Plus we can’t beat having a nice natural walking area so close to our home in the Countryside community. In the future Horsepen Run may be part of Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trail System.

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3 thoughts on “Horsepen Run in Sterling, VA!

  • June 10, 2015 at 4:05 pm

    I’m curious as to the progress of the Potomac Heritage trail system. I found this trail system this morning on a run, and was shocked at all the signage. To the point I’m hoping the state/county comes in and takes over the property. Why not share the land like the other parks/communities do? Do they really not allow other people to use their trails?

    • June 10, 2015 at 6:12 pm

      There is no one policing the trails and asking for ID. But I do agree why not allow the Potomac Heritage Trail to keep on going through so you can literally walk all the way down the Potomac. I live in Countryside and having the county/state backing would be nice.

  • August 4, 2016 at 3:31 pm

    I live in Countryside as well, and I love the fact that is is part of our HOA and that we have this amazing resource available to us as residents. We have met and challenged people who have been using the Park without permission, and who do not respect it at all. My husband challenged a woman who threw some garbage on the floor in the picnic area – she and her husband verbally attacked him. One of the local park volunteers, who we know well, approached them and asked them if they were residents, and they were not. They were told that they had to leave or their vehicle would be towed and the authorities would be called. We spend half our walks picking up trash and dog poop, as many people do not bother (both residents and non-residents).


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