Goat Hill Park in Alexandria, VA!

Of course we would check out Goat Hill Park in Alexandria since the boys love to hang out with the goats at Amalthea Ridge. Sadly there were no goats at the park but it was a nice little  fenced-in park.

Address: 33 Kennedy Street  Alexandria, VA 22305

Goat Hill Park sits right in between two sets of townhomes in the City of Alexandria. The park has one piece of very nice play equipment and one set of toddler and special needs swings. When we were there it was pretty cloudy but you could tell the park does get some shade from the surrounding older Cedar Trees. There were no restrooms at the park which was too bad because we had to leave the park for my oldest to use a restroom. The flooring was the compressed rubber with padding underneath which makes it a little better to fall on.

The park is located in the Warwick Village residential neighborhood and extends up the slope into the wooded area. It’s a very cute little park and if you live in the area you should check it out!

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