Fort Ethan Allen Park & Madison Community Center in Arlington, VA!

A few weeks ago we headed to Fort Ethan Allen Park in Arlington, VA. Madison Community Center sits right next to the park which is great because you are able to use the indoor restrooms. The park includes two different pieces of play equipment, multi-use field, basketball court, both types of swings, dog park, and asphalt area next to playground with recycled ride on toys for the kids to use. For parking, just park in the lot of the Community Center.

Address: 3829 N. Stafford St., Arlington, VA 22207

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The playground area has two different pieces of play equipment. One set is for the smaller crowd and also sits in a large sandbox filled with recycled dump trucks and shovels. The other piece of equipment is for the larger crowd and sits on mulch. Both types of swings are available in their respective play areas. In between both play areas are a few benches with lots of shade to get out of the sun. The equipment doesn’t have much over it but at least you can walk in the surrounding areas to get out of the sun. The large asphalt area next to the playgrounds is perfect for all the ride on toys that have been donated over the years.


I’ve said it before but Arlington parksĀ are great. All the recycled toys make it a different experience from ordinary parks. If you live near the Madison Community Center check out Fort Ethan Allen Park in Arlington, VA. Oh and if you have a dog check out the fenced in dog park.



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