Dale Lestina Park in Fairfax, VA!

Tuesday we checked out Dale Lestina Park, in Fairfax, VA.  This is a nicely shaded, neighborhood park with swings, playgrounds and a neighborhood trail.

Address: 3157 Plantation Parkway Fairfax, VA

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This playground is located in the City of Fairfax and is a great neighborhood park.  There are two playgrounds, two swings and two infant swings, hiking trail through the neighborhood and a small stream behind the playground equipment.  The playground equipment is far enough from the road that you feel safe with the kiddos to roam around and explore.  Although we visited this park in the Fall, it is a very shaded park, which would be nice during those hot summer months.  Since it is Fall, we utilized all the fallen leaves and piled them up at the bottom of the slide.  The kids had a ball!

The playground equipment has two slides on one and one slide on the other.  It’s your typical set of equipment; climbing area, slides, tunnels, tic-tac-toe and steering wheel.  Included in this park is also a picnic table, trash can and a bench.  The walking trail was nice too, especially since it’s Fall.  We went on a scavenger hunt and found items that are Fall colors and put them in our little brown bag!


Although there are not any restrooms, this is a great park to visit and the kids really did have a great time.  If you are near the City of Fairfax, check this park out!

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