Colts Brook Recreation Park in Reston, VA!

Last week we were walking on the Reston Association trails and came across Colts Brook Recreation Park in the Hunter Woods district. Colts Brook is a short walk down the trail from Polo Fields Recreation Area Park. 

Between Thunder Chase Drive and Club Pond Lane

(We parked along Club Pond Lane and walked a short distance down the trail.  If you don’t live in the neighborhood, you could also park at Polo Fields parking lot and take the trail).

T, S, W, -

We really enjoy taking the trails in Reston and enjoy coming across some of these nice little neighborhood parks.  We got to cross a bridge on the trail and then the boys got really excited and ran to the playground equipment.  There were two slides, climbing equipment and monkey bars.  Just passed the playground equipment are four swings (two baby and two regular).  Behind the playground area is a basketball court.  Last week was a very hot and humid day.  We were pleasantly surprised by how nicely shaded this park was.  There was a picnic table with a trash can as well.


If you live in the Polo Fields or Colts Brook neighborhood, this park is one of three parks in your neighborhood.  If you aren’t in the neighborhood, I still recommend checking these parks out!

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