Chestnut Hills Park in Arlington, VA!

Chestnut Hills Park in Arlington is a lovely large park in Arlington, VA! The fenced-in park backs up to Greenbrier Park, a sports oriented park. Chestnut Hills Park has lots of shade, a portable restroom and plenty for the kids to do.

Address: N. Harrison St. & 27th St. (Park is along N. Harrison St. just past 27th St.)

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The playground area is quite large. It has one large piece of play equipment, both types of swings, large sandbox and tons of donated ride on toys. The kids had a great time and even though the park is large it’s still manageable with multiple children. What I love most about Arlington parks are the recycled toys that end up at the park. The large sandbox is overflowing with trucks, buckets and shovels. On the surrounding paved sidewalks there are several ride on toys for the kids to use. The park has a ton of shade around the equipment for the kids to get out of the sun. If the portable potty is not to your liking you can head down the trail to the indoor restrooms at the Greenbrier Park. Parking is along the street but there is plenty of street to park along.


If you want a great park and or live in Arlington County check out Chestnut Hills Park!

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