Charlestown Tot Lot in Reston, VA!

The Charlestown Tot Lot is part of the Reston Association in the Hunter Woods/Dogwood District. The tot lot moniker that it was given is a tad misleading. All that stands at the tot lot is a pair of swings and a bench with trash receptacle. But the best part is the pathways that are around this area.

Address:  Pegasus Lane, Reston,  VA (Very close to the cul-de-sac on the right side you’ll see stairs to a hiking trail.


IMAG0394 (2)

Even though the boys didn’t want to swing we still had a great time walking the paths. Once you take this small hiking trail to the tot lot you reach the paved pathway. From here you can head out in either direction. We headed off toward the left of the park to go across the bridge. You have plenty of options when it comes to either staying on the paved pathway or heading out on a hiking trail. A complete list of the paved trail system is available through the Reston Association.





The kids and I had really great time walking the trails and bumped into a turtle along the way.  If you live in this part of Reston the homes that back these trails are pretty neat. It’s very quiet out on the trails and you can easily get lost just walking from trail to trail. Luckily there are markers every so often so if you pay attention you can easily find your way back. If you’re into geocaching there are plenty of caches to be found along these trails.

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