Chapel Acres Park in Springfield, VA!

Chapel Acres Park in Springfield is a small Fairfax County neighborhood park. Situated on a corner lot, the park has plenty of street parking. The small park has several paved pathways and a basketball court around the equipment, perfect if you want to bring the kids’ bikes or ride on toys.

Address: 7900 Giles St., Springfield, VA 22153

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The playground area has a large piece play equipment and both types of swings. Depending on what part of the day, the park has shade around the equipment to get out of the sun. At the corner of the park is a small drainage creek that was partially full when we were there. The kids had a fun time throwing in sticks and checking out some of the frogs that we were hanging out. I would guess that most of the time this is dry and not much fun…:)


If you live in the Chapel Acres neighborhood this is a nice park to take the kids to burn off some energy or ride their bikes and scooters around.

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