Waterworks Waterpark in Woodbridge, VA!

Waterworks Waterpark in Woodbridge, VA!

Waterworks Waterpark in Woodbridge, VA sits in the Andrew Leitch Park. Last year we weren’t able to go to the waterpark due to a thunderstorm that popped up during our visit to Andrew Leitch Park. In comparison to Splash Down Waterpark located in Manassas, Waterworks is smaller. The waterpark offers a 2-story slide, zero entry pool, leap pads, and kids area. They do charge an admission fee for entrance to the park. Click the link above to get current rates. Picnic Pavilions are available for rental both inside and outside the waterpark. For more information and rates click here.

Address: 5301 Dale Blvd, Woodbridge, VA 22193

*****(If you put in Dale City versus Woodbridge for the City it will send you to another spot along Dale Blvd)*****


The boys had a great time at the park. Sadly the kids area wasn’t open due to mechanical problems but the my kiddos were able to play in zero entry beach area. The kids area looked like a lot of fun and I was able to take pictures of the area even though it wasn’t working. The boys weren’t quite tall enough to play on the water lily pads and 2-story waterslide since the requirement is 48″ tall. Remember you cannot bring food and drinks into the park but they do offer a snack bar if the kids get hungry. We brought our lunch so we just got our hand stamped and headed to one of the picnic benches outside the waterpark.










There are  pavilions you can sit under to get out of the sun along with plenty of cabana chairs around the area. The only small downside to this park is if you have an older child (48″+) who wants to go in the bigger area and you have a munchkin who wants to stay in the kid area. There is a pretty good distance between the two and you wouldn’t be able to appease both kids without losing sight of one child. That being said my kids a great time. Even though they couldn’t do everything it was much better than our community pool and a change of pace.


Ben Lomond Park & Splash Down Waterpark in Manassas, VA!

Ben Lomond Park & Splash Down Waterpark in Manassas, VA!

Last week we had the pleasure of going to two Prince William County Waterparks. Our second stop of the day was Ben Lomond Park and Splash Down Waterpark. Splash Down Waterpark has an admission fee. Click on the link above to see current rates. Before we hit up the waterpark the kids wanted to try out the playground area to see what it was like in Ben Lomond Park.

Address: 7500 Ben Lomond Park Dr, Manassas, VA  20109   

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Ben Lomond Park has a small playground, public restrooms, picnic pavilion, tennis, basketball, volleyball courts, soccer/football and baseball fields. The playground area doesn’t have any shade over it but there a few trees to stand under. The play area includes a small piece of play equipment and both types of swings. Restrooms are available in the form of portable restrooms and indoor restrooms by the soccer field. The indoor restrooms aren’t always open but the portable restrooms are there all the time (except maybe in the cold winter months).


We had never been to Splash Down Waterpark before so I was really surprised. When I spoke with the manager he told me everything that the park has including 2-4-story waterslides, 2-2-story slides, 2-toddler slides, bubblers and fountains, 2-Fast Cannon Water slides, activity pool, lily pad and log walk, and beach area with sand. In Mom words, great play area with small slides and fountains for small walkers and plenty of life vests for all ages. For the larger slides you need to be 48″ tall to ride but I noticed they let my 45″ son ride with a vest on because he passed the swim test. There are plenty of chairs for everyone. Shade is limited but in the kiddie slide and fountain area they have two large umbrellas in the water to stand under. Public restrooms were clean and fully stocked when we were there. No food or outside drinks are allowed in the park so you can either eat at the park or get a stamp and bring a picnic lunch. There are plenty of picnic tables in the surrounding park.

(***I didn’t take a lot of pictures due to the volume of people in the park and from chasing my kiddos around the entire time***)


IMAG0808 IMAG0810











We had a great time at the park. I observed the lifeguards following all procedures and paying attention unlike the lifeguards at my community pool.  I would think that during the weekend this place is very busy. They do have a cut off point to avoid overcrowding so be aware. Prices are pretty reasonable for admission as compared to major waterpark attractions at other facilities. Even though we don’t live close by we will definitely be returning during the week to hit up the large slides since my oldest is now obsessed with water slides!


Lee District Park & RECenter in Alexandria, VA!

Lee District Park & RECenter in Alexandria, VA!

Today we headed back to a great park in Franconia, VA, Lee District Park & RECenter. I haven’t been back to the park since they completed the new play area, Chessie’s Big Backyard located by the Our Special Harbor Sprayground. Lee District Park is a 137-acre park complete with RECenter, large playground located by the RECenter, amphitheater, sand volleyball courts, tennis, basketball courts, baseball, soccer fields, and walking/hiking trails. The Family Recreation Area includes the sprayground, fully accessible playground, and treehouse. To check for reservations of shelter and picnic areas click here to find more information, http://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/parks/picnics/lee.htm

Address:  6601 Telegraph Rd., FRANCONIA, VA 22310

The Family Recreation Area has the sprayground which is open from May to September and FREE! The great part is they only allow a certain amount of people in at one time so it doesn’t get overcrowded. Right next door to the sprayground is Chessie’s Big Backyard. The play area is fully accessible to all children with padded rubber flooring and ramps wide enough for wheelchair access. Chessie’s Big Backyard does have lots of shade around it and the best part is the indoor restrooms located right next to the play area. We normally eat our lunch in the treehouse but it has no benches or tables. Just outside the entrance to the treehouse are a few circular benches and on the otherside of the play area is a large pavilion. Plenty of shade to eat a snack or pack a lunch. The only downside to the Chessie’s play area is if you have multiple children to watch it can be tough to see all sides of the play area and you constantly have to walk around to make sure you can get a peek of them.

For pictures of the treehouse, check out this article.

The other playground is located right next to the RECenter. The playground normally has a cover over the equipment but has been taken off for the winter and repair. We weren’t able to hit this playground for very long before we had to head out. There are many different pieces of play equipment for all ages. You can park near the RECenter or near the sand volleyball courts. Restrooms are located inside the RECenter.

We didn’t get a chance to hit the trails this time but next time we are over there we’ll head out. The boys and I had a great time at the park.  This park is one of my favorites!

Lake Anne Park in Reston, VA!

Lake Anne Park in Reston, VA!

Today we checked out Lake Anne Park in Reston, VA with some friends. Lake Anne Park is one of several parks maintained by the Reston Association. The park includes small tot lot, spray fountains, indoor restrooms and pavilion, sand volleyball, basketball and tennis court.

Address: 11301 North Shore Drive, Reston, VA 20190

The basketball, tennis and volleyball courts are really for members of the Reston Association only but the tot lot and spray fountains are open to everyone. The tot lot only has one piece of equipment that has several slides and monkey bars. The spray fountain area is on the small side but has two red buttons for the kids to push to start the different parts of the fountain. Right next to the fountain is a small picnic pavilion and an indoor restroom. Both the tot lot and spray fountains have tons of shade so it’s a great place to take the kids to beat the heat. If you live near Lake Anne you can walk to the park on one of the many Reston trails.

The kids had a great time playing in the water and it wasn’t overcrowded this afternoon. If you head to the Lake Anne Park make sure you pack a swimsuit!

Hayes Park in Arlington, VA!

Hayes Park in Arlington, VA!

Perfect park for hot days like today! Hayes Park in Arlington is  a great park with lots of different things for the kids to do and it’s fenced in to keep all those runners inside the park and away from the street.

Address: 1516 North Lincoln Street  Arlington, Virginia 22201  

The park includes a piece of play equipment, two set of regular and toddler swings, sandbox, small climb on toy area, and the best part a Spray Park! FYI: Make sure you bring the kiddos swimsuits and swim diaper. I made the mistake of forgeting the suits and had two very bummed out kids. The spray park has hours listed near the entrance and is open between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

The play equipment is in great shape and the sandbox was a fun time for the kids. In addition to the play area there are several picnic tables near clean indoor bathrooms and water fountains. For the adults the park has two lighted tennis courts and a lighted basketball court.

This is a very nice park! The only draw back is the parking is a little tough but during the summer the school across the street is closed and you can park along the street. With all the great trees in the park there is plenty of shade for the infant to toddler age crowd. If you live in Arlington County or just want to check out a nice park, check out Hayes Park!

Algonkian Regional Park in Sterling,VA!

Algonkian Regional Park in Sterling,VA!

Algonkian Regional Park is one of our favorite parks. In the past we have used the park for family reunions, Moms group play dates and just hanging out watching the many deer that live in  the park. The park sits right on the Potomac River and has a lot to offer everyone from the casual walker to the sports enthusiast.

Address: 47001 Fairway Drive Sterling, VA 20165

The park includes paved walking trails and dirt hiking trails. Our favorite hiking trail is the White Trail near the Volcano Island Waterpark. It travels in a U-shape and never gets near the water. This is perfect for the little ones to walk along as it is flat and there are several bridges going over the small wet areas. A stroller or wagon would have a hard time as sometimes a tree falls across the path. The Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trail also runs through the park and is denoted by the green squares on the trees.  If you’re into geocaching this is a perfect place to find a few of the hidden caches. If you want a more casual walk you can park at the Potomack Lakes Sportsplex and walk the paved trail through the golf course into the park.  A public golf course is also part of the park and open when the weather is nice. It’s not uncommon for the deer just to be hanging out around the fairways and tee boxes.

If you’re a water enthusiast, there are plenty of benches and picnic shelters along the river to watch the water. There is also a boat launching ramp for fishing boats, kayaks, jet skis and canoes. The park authority also offers storage space for RVs and watercraft for a fee.  If the river isn’t quite your pace, you should check out Volcano Island Waterpark. The waterpark offers zero entry areas for the little ones and larger waterslides for the older kids who can swim. You can also find the miniature golf course near the waterpark.

The park does have a small playground near one of the four picnic shelters. Indoor restrooms are located by the playground as well as porta potties near the boat launch area and soccer field. Picnic Shelters can be reserved for a fee. Each shelter has a grill and picnic tables.

We always have a fun time at this park and if you live in the Sterling Area you should check it out. The closest communities are Cascades, Lowes Island-Cascades, and Countryside.

Pohick Bay Regional Park in Lorton, VA!

Pohick Bay Regional Park in Lorton, VA!

Today we checked out Pohick Bay Regional Park in Lorton, VA! This Northern Virginia Regional Park is gorgeous and has a lot for everyone. Pohick Bay Regional Park is located off the Potomac River south of Washington D.C. When you turn off of Route 1 you wouldn’t know that in about 3 miles you’re going to come across several parks and historical areas. If you travel past Pohick Bay Regional Park you come across  Mason Neck State Park which is located at the penisula of the Pohick Bay. Also along Gunston Road is Gunston Hall, the former home of George Mason.

Address: 6501 Pohick Bay Drive, Lorton, VA

Pohick Bay Regional Park is known for it’s canoe, kayak and boat rentals as well as the marina where the boats are launched. For a fee you can launch your boat into the bay. Boat rental facilities are on site and open on the weekends at the marina. Camp ground and picnic shelter rentals  are available through the Pohick Bay website. In addition to camping, the park also has a disc golf course, miniature golf, Pirate’s Cove Waterpark, playground, fishing, hiking trails, and plenty of picnic benches. Down by the marina you’ll find the awesome fenced-in playground. Indoor restrooms are located right next to the play equipment along with a ton of picnic tables and benches to eat a snack. The playground and picnic tables overlook the Pohick Bay but with a safe distance so you don’t have to fear the kids falling in the water when your back is turned. There is one large piece of newer play equipment and a small set of regular swings. The playground and picnic benches are completely covered by shade given off by the large older trees throughout the entire park.

We walked a few of trails before the kids got too tired and they were great if you like to hike. Strollers and wagons wouldn’t be able to do most of the hiking trails.  For fishing info click this link, http://www.nvrpa.org/park/pohick_bay/content/fishing.    If you’re into geocaching there are several in the park, check out the Geocaching Website for clues.

This was a beautiful park with plenty of activities for the whole family. I highly recommend everyone check out this natural park if they haven’t been already!




Bull Run Regional Park in Centreville, VA!

Bull Run Regional Park in Centreville, VA!

A few weeks ago we checked out Bull Run Regional Park in Centreville, VA! This Fairfax County park offers a lot of different activities for everyone including camping, hiking, equestrian trails, picnic shelters, waterpark, disc golf, and several playgrounds. Also towards the end of November through January 3rd the annual Bull Run Festival of Lights showcases a winter wonderland of lights from the comfort of your car.

Address: 7700 Bull Run Drive, Centreville, VA 20121

Near the front of the park is a newer playground area with a large piece of equipment, both types of swings and indoor restrooms right next to the playground area. There isn’t much shade over the equipment but around the play area there is plenty of shade to stand in if the kids get hot.
Bull Run
Bull Run park has large fields where you can hold events and lots of different picnic pavilions and shelters. One large shelter we checked out was called “The Barn” and had a small playground nearby just outside the fence and across the small parking lot was a sand filled playground with clean lit restrooms nearby. The sand filled playground had a lot of older metal equipment and a swing set. There were benches near by with some shade.
Once we were done playing in the large sand playground we walked around on some the trails. There are miles of trail throughout the park with some being paved road and most be equestrian/hiking trails. If you like to camp the park had many spots for tent, RV or cabin camping. A newer large playground is located near the camp grounds and a favorite of my children.
Also part of the park is Atlantis Waterpark which is open from Memorial Day to Labor Day weekend. Near the waterpark you can find the Disc golf course which is open all year.
Near the entrance of the park, NVRPA constructed a Civil War Winter quarters and camp site for the public to see a little bit of history about the The First Battle of Manassas where Bull Run was crossed to engage in conflict.
Bull Run Regional Park is a great spot if you love to camp, host events or hike around. The older playground is supported by the newer equipment throughout the park. My kids and I saw lots of wildlife including turtles, geese and deer. Great park with lots to offer!

Signal Hill Park in the City of Manassas Park, VA!

Signal Hill Park in the City of Manassas Park, VA!

A few days ago we checked out Signal Hill Park in the City of Manassas Park located in Prince William County. This 110-acre park includes a water park, playground, multipurpose field, basketball courts, softball field, picnic pavilion, picnic area and grills, walking paths and a fishing pond. The Signal Bay Water Park includes a zero entry pool and lazy river.

Address: 9300 Signal View Dr, Manassas Park, VA ‎

The playground doesn’t have any shade but on a nice day the equipment is decent and there is a swing set. There is two shaded picnic tables near the playground with restrooms. If the kids get tired of the playground you can walk along the trails to the pond to check out the ducks and geese.  If you’re into geo-caching this park has plenty for you to track down.
This park has a lot to offer for sport enthusiasts and the kids!

Our Special Harbor Sprayground in Alexandria, VA!

Our Special Harbor Sprayground in Alexandria, VA!

Today we checked out Our Special Harbor Sprayground in Franconia, VA. Located in Fairfax County, the sprayground is in the Family Recreation Area of Lee District Park.

Address: 6601 Telegraph Rd, Alexandria, VA 22310

The park has zero water depth and tons of fountains. There are several interactive water features including water dumping buckets, water tables and a water maze. The best part is the admission to the park is FREE! Since the park can get quite busy they have the right to limit admission so it doesn’t get overcrowded. There is plenty of shade and chairs for the kids to take a break. The park offers several family restrooms in the sprayground and outside near the picnic pavilion. The park now has a new rule that water shoes must be worn in the sprayground at all times since it can be slippery.

When the kids were done with the sprayground we headed over to the tree house for some lunch. The tree house is a series of ramps out into a forested area with a stream below. Benches are available just outside the tree house and platform area in the tree house is a great spot to eat some lunch.

This is an awesome place to take the kids to get out of the heat without having all the worries of being around a pool. The tree house is also a nice place to get under some shade and be part of nature.