Huntsman Park in Springfield, VA!

Huntsman Park in Springfield, VA!

We found another awesome park in Springfield, VA. Huntsman Park is located in the Glenwood Manor Neighborhood. This Fairfax County park has great play equipment for the kids, basketball court and lots of paved and nature trails.

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Address: 9150 Dorothy La., Springfield, VA 22150 

The playground equipment was in great shape with two different pieces of play equipment with both types of swings. There wasn’t much shade around the equipment but down the trail a little bit there were a few benches in the shade. Sadly there weren’t any restrooms but the Huntsman Square shopping center is right around the corner.

This was a very nice park and the boys had a great time walking the trails and playing on the equipment. If you live in Springfield/Burke Area you should head over to this park and check it out!

South Run District Park in Springfield, VA!

South Run District Park in Springfield, VA!

In August we did quite a few Fairfax and Prince William County Parks. South Run District Park was one of our stops. It was one of the nicer days but the sun was still pretty hot. I was very excited to see awnings over the play equipment to the protect the kids from the sun. One section of the playground looked like it had lost it’s awning in the storm but the kids were still able to escape the heat.

South Run District Park is 192-acres filled with equestrian, biking and hiking trails, lit soccer, football, and baseball fields, lit tennis and basketball courts, RECenter, indoor swimming pools, racquetball courts, off-leash dog park and playground. ***The swimming pools and locker rooms were getting an over haul and were closed when we there at the end of August***

Address: 7550 Reservation Dr., Springfield, VA 22153 

We had a great time at the playground under the shade of the awning. The boys loved all the monkey bars that were right at there level so no need for mommy to have to hold them up and catch them as they fall. Restrooms are located conveniently right next door to the play area in the RECenter so you can take a break in the A/C to use the clean indoor restrooms. The restrooms included a stool for the little guys to help wash their hands.

This was a great park and if you live in the Springfield/ Burke area off of Fairfax County Parkway (286) you should check it out!

Kings Park in Springfield, VA!

Kings Park in Springfield, VA!

Last week we headed out to Fairfax County to check out Kings Park  in Springfield, VA. The park was located in the Kings Park neighborhood and tucked back in the woods. There are lit tennis courts, unlit basketball courts, baseball and soccer fields, picnic area, walking/hiking trails and playground.

Address: 8717 TRAFALGAR COURT, Springfield, VA 22151 

The playground area was in a great spot above the tennis courts. The equipment was all newer and had some neat elements to it. The only draw back and keep in mind it was August in the summer but the bugs were pretty bad. So I would recommend some bug spray since the play area sits in the middle of the woods. There was plenty of shade but no restrooms. The kids and I also headed out on the trails and had a lot of fun.

The kids really enjoyed this park especially the large slides and rock climb. If you live in the Springfield area head out and check out Kings Park.

Hidden Pond Park in Springfield, VA!

Hidden Pond Park in Springfield, VA!

*****The playground is getting an update! Stay tuned for more details!


Today we checked out Hidden Pond Park in Springfield, VA. This Fairfax County park has a Nature Center, pond, playground and tons of hiking trails and paved walking/biking trails. The trails run throughout the park and a bridge connects Hidden Pond Park to the much larger Pohick Stream Valley Park.

Address: 8511 Greeley Blvd., Springfield, VA 22152

The Nature Center can be found by following a paved trail from the parking lot with a sign pointing the way. They had some great animal exhibits and the volunteers were quick to pull out the baby turtles for the kids to pet. Restrooms are located in the Nature Center.

After we hit up the Nature Center we set out to check out the trails and the pond. The pond can be fished and has several dock areas to stand at the waters edge. Also they are many benches in the shade to sit and watch all the turtles in the pond. The trails were great but my husband did point out the dreaded poison ivy along some of the hiking trail edges.  If poison ivy is a worry just stick to the larger paved trails and the kids won’t have a chance to accidentaly wander into the poison ivy.

Since the kids still had a ton of energy we headed to the playground located near the parking lot. The playground is partially fenced in and keeps the kids seperated from the staff entrance driveway. The equipment is not in the shade but there is plenty of shade around the picnic table near the playground. The playground equipment was in good shape and had some unique climbing items. No swings at this park though. Restrooms are located in the Nature Center which is a good walk from the playground.

What a great natural park to take the family too. The park is tucked back in the middle of a neighborhood of single family homes so you wouldn’t be able to see it from Old Keene Mill Road. If you live nearby you should check it out!

Lake Accotink Park in Springfield, VA!

Lake Accotink Park in Springfield, VA!

Today my kids and I checked out Lake Accotink Park in Springfield, VA. This 493-acre park located in Fairfax County has a large lake, 4-mile shaded trail around the lake, playground, carousel, miniature golf course, shaded picnic areas, picnic pavillion, snack bar, restrooms, boat rentals and boat launch. On your way to the park off of Backlick Road you head through older single family homes and a small industrial area. You would never know that such a beautiful natural park is on the other side.

Address: 7500 Accotink Park Rd. Springfield, VA 22150

The playground is located at the furthest parking lot you can drive to tucked behind the ticket kiosk for the carousel and miniature golf course. The equipment was newer and completely in the shade. During the week the carousel opens at 12 p.m. and runs every 1/2 hour until the park closes. The park also had several picnic shelters and a pavilion to rent for get togethers.

After the playground we walked along the gravel trail around the lake. Almost of all the trail is completely in the shade and there are resting benches and trash cans all along the trail. After you enter the park you pass under a train trestle well off the ground and out of harms way. My oldest son loves trains and when we were there two trains came through and made his day. At the end of the lake there is a small dam that allows overflow to be relieved and sometimes this run off will cut the walking trail off near the bridge. If you’re a fellow geo-cacher there are many caches hidden along the trails too.

The kids and I really liked this park. If you’re into walking through natural areas around a lake you’ll really like Lake Accotink Park!