Borge Street Park in Oakton, VA!

Borge Street Park in Oakton, VA!

Recently we traveled to Borge Street Park located in Oakton, VA! This was a nice park that was semi fenced in and included a few sets of playground equipment, swings, basketball court and a walking trail.

Address: 2855 Jermantown Rd, Oakton, VA

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Located at the intersection of 123 and Jermantown Road, this park has a small parking lot and street parking.  This park is semi gated in.  Although there is no shade in the playground area of the park, there is plenty of shade in the picnic area, as well as a large open area for the kids to run around and play.


There is a bigger set of playground equipment that includes two slides and climbing equipment.  There is also a separate structure of monkey bars.  The younger ones can enjoy play time at this park as well, as there is a smaller set of equipment, that includes a steering wheel and a small slide.


If you live in Oakton, this is a nicely sized park with lots to do! Check it out!

Oakborough Square Park in Oakton, VA!

Oakborough Square Park in Oakton, VA!

Oakborough Square Park is located behind the Oakborough Square Townhome development in Oakton, VA! There are a couple different ways into the Fairfax County park. You can either enter at the back of the townhome complex or drive down Wilson Ave till you reach the end of the cul de sac. In the cul de sac there is a path right next to a single family home to gain access to the park. To reach the play equipment easily go through the townhome complex but parking is limited to townhome owners. There are a few visitor spots near the path to the park though.

Address: 2890 Oakborough Sq., Oakton, VA 22124

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The park is 7-acres of natural space with dirt/gravel hiking trails and a small play area. The play area consists of preschool age equipment and swings. The park doesn’t offer restrooms but you are close to Hunter Mill Plaza where you could use a public restroom. The kids and I had a great time hiking the small amount of trails. There were a few downed trees across the path when we were here a month ago. The hiking trails would be a tough go for strollers and wagons so a backpack is the way to go with the little ones.




 This is a cute natural park perfect for the little ones when the weather is nice. The surrounding neighborhoods have an easy walk to this natural park.

Clarke’s Landing Park in Oakton, VA!

Clarke’s Landing Park in Oakton, VA!

I really would like to get my hands on the Fairfax County park website and give it more detail as to where the playgrounds are located. In the case of Clarke’s Landing Park, the playground entrance is located inside the Clarke’s Landing neighborhood in Oakton, VA. The park is mostly natural space but there is a small playground with swings.

Address: 11100 Vale Rd., Oakton, VA 22124

Playground Address: 11200 Timberlake Ct., Oakton, VA 22124

 This was a nice shaded playground area with a large piece of play equipment, a balance board for the kids to stand on and both types of swings. The only downside was the foul language written on the equipment but if you’re kids can’t read you’ll be in good shape….:) There is no restrooms but the park is completely in the shade of the wooded area around the playground area. We didn’t hit the hiking trails that are located in the park but I did see a couple people walking through. The trails are not meant for strollers or wagons and even if you have a backpack it might be a tough going.

The boys had a great time at the park and if you live in the Clarke’s Landing Subdivision it would be a nice walk to the playground. If you live in the Oakton Area this is a nice area park to take the kids too.