The Plaza at Tysons Corner in McLean, VA!

The Plaza at Tysons Corner in McLean, VA!

Have you tried out the metro Silver Line yet?  You can get directly on the metro from The Plaza! We visited The Plaza over the summer, but I wanted to take the boys again and take some more photos because the day we went it was over crowded and hard to get good quality photographs.

Address: 1961 Chain Bridge Road, McLean, VA 

( located on the 2nd Floor near the escalators leading up to AMC Theatre and Food Court)

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The Plaza connects directly to the NEW Silver Line Metro Station and is elevated 32 feet in the air.  There is a fun playground area, game programming center, Kids Club and lots of events.  Some of the events held are concerts, movies on the green and other seasonal activities!


The playground area is called COX Discovery Cove. This is a gated in playground.  The playground is built like a ship and the ground is a rubber surface.  The playground itself is made up of a few different running inclines and declines with steering wheels and telescopes.  There is also a separate toddler play zone. There are several benches and tables near the play area where the parents can keep an eye on their little ones. There is a game programming center as well.  These are great outdoor fun games, such as tabletop tennis, corn hole and chess.  When we were there, there were a few friendly competitions going on and the boys loved seeing all the cheering and excitement going on.  The Plaza also offers a Tysons Corner Center National Geographic Kids Club that is an excellent way to get your children to have fun, all while learning.  These activities alternate the first Tuesday and Saturday of each month.  The current BIG event going on at The Plaza is their ice skating rink (list what event is). There are several FREE events held weekly and seasonally.  Also, just something to look forward to, every Friday over the spring-summer they hold a FREE summer concert and Saturdays there are also Movie Night on the Green, free of charge; so be sure to check their website.


Relaxation? Why not! With Spring (hopefully rapidly approaching), enjoy the ambiance at The Plaza’s comfortable seating and fire pits.  There is lots of seating all around The Plaza.  During the warm months, there is a little water stream through the stone bench seating area with a few fountains as well.

Churchill Road Park in McLean, VA!

Churchill Road Park in McLean, VA!

Churchill Road Park in Mclean, VA is a small park located next to Churchill Road Elementary School. The 12-acre park includes a small amphitheater, swing set and a few hiking trails. During the school year after 3 p.m. and from dawn till dusk during the summer months the playground at the elementary school is available. The school playground has several slides, climbing apparatuses and swings.

Address: 7098 Thrasher Pl., McLean, VA 22102

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This park really does not have much to offer unless you just want a large grassy area for your kiddos to run around on. The swings that are available are both regular and toddler swings. There is a small ride on horse for the little ones to hop on but other than that’s it for this park.

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If you live in the Langley Manor neighborhood or in the Mclean area check out the Churchill Road Park!

Linway Terrace Park in Mclean, VA!

Linway Terrace Park in Mclean, VA!

A couple weeks ago we were out in Mclean so we decided to check out a few of the Fairfax County parks. We hit up Linway Terrace Park which offers lit tennis courts, turf sports field, jogging track, baseball field, basketball courts and playground.

Address: 6246 Linway Ter., McLean, VA 22101

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The kiddos had a great time at the playground then they took off to play on turf field kicking their soccer ball around. The playground area is tiered so if you had one kid on the playground and one kid on the swings you can’t really see both areas at the same time. There is a large bush in between the two spots which it makes it hard to see both. There is one large piece of play equipment which is in complete shade even during the winter months. One thing about the equipment that I thought was odd was one section of the play equipment has a ramp. As the children step up to enter the ramp it gets narrow and my son wacked his knee on the corner of the handrail several times. He did enjoy the balance platform they have at the park. One nice bonus besides the extensive shade is the year around porta potty located near the tennis courts.

DSC_0662  DSC_0661


This is a nice park in the Potomac Hills area of Mclean. The jogging track is a nice feature and I saw several people utilizing it while we were at the park. The shade around the playground area is really nice especially during the hot summers.

McLean Central Park in McLean, VA!

McLean Central Park in McLean, VA!

The weather has been fabulous lately and we couldn’t resist hitting up a new park while my mom was visiting from California. McLean Central Park was our first stop. The Fairfax County Public Library, Dolley Madison Branch is located on the property and the best way to reach the playground is to park near the library.

Address: 1468 Dolley Madison Blvd., McLean, VA 22101 

This 25-acre park has a basketball court, lit tennis courts, disc golf course, walking/hiking trails, and playground. There is also a Gazebo available for rent near the tot lot. The tot lot is filled with very brightly colored play equipment and both types of swings. The play equipment is more for the younger crowd with the small slides and crawl on toys. The play area is completely in the shade and restrooms are available down the trail in the library.

We had a great time at the park especially my oldest because of the train play equipment. If you have little ones this is the park to go in the McLean Area!

Falstaff Park in Mclean, VA!

Falstaff Park in Mclean, VA!

Yesterday the kids and I checked out several parks in Mclean, VA. Falstaff Park located in the Mclean Hamlet single-family home nieghborhood was very nice. It had lots of shade of and nice play equipment.

Address: 7721 Falstaff Road, Mclean, VA 22102

 The park includes a small picnic gazebo, picnic tables and benches. The play equipment in the park was in great shape with one large and small piece of equipment, both types of swings, and fun motor development equipment. Sadly there are no restrooms at the park but there are hiking trails.

This was a great park if you live in Fairfax County or the Mclean area you should check it out!

Spring Hill Park in Mclean, VA!

Spring Hill Park in Mclean, VA!
Today the kids and I checked out Spring Hill Park in Mclean, VA. Spring Hill Park is part of the Spring Hill Rec Center in Fairfax County.
The park area includes RECenter, astroturf soccer/football fields, baseball fields, walking trails and fenced in playground. The playground is in great shape with a large piece of equipment for the larger kids and toddler size slide for the younger crowd. Both regular and toddler swings are in the area along with picnic benches. The area also has smaller picnic benches for the kids to sit at under the shade of a tree. Restrooms are located inside the RECenter and also porta potties at each individual field.

This is a cute playground great for bringing a picnic lunch or snack. If you live in the area of Spring Hill Road in Mclean you should check it out!

Clemyjontri Park in Mclean, VA!

Clemyjontri Park in Mclean, VA!

Clemyjontri Park is an awesome park located in Mclean, VA off of Georgetown Pike (Rt 193) in Fairfax County. The park is 18 acres of bright colorful play equipment made for children with all different levels of development and special needs. The park was donated by the Lebowitz Family and the name is a combination of their four children, Carolyn (CL), Emily (EMY), John (JON), Petrina (TRI). Adele Lebowitz envisioned a park where all children could play side by side no matter their physical or mental differences. Further development of the park will include 10 acres of open space that will offer more amenities.

Address: 6317 Georgetown Pike  McLean, Virginia 22101

Large ramps connect pieces of equipment and are wide enough for wheelchair access. The rubber flooring is smooth and easy on the kids knees when they fall down. Other features of the park include a working carousel and picnic pavilion. Carousel tickets cost $1.75 for each child and adults are free. The pavilion is available for a shaded spot to enjoy a snack or lunch. You can also rent the pavilion for events and parties. Clean restrooms and water fountains are located on the property.


The pictures do not do the park justice. There is a lot of different types of equipment spread out over the park with plenty of benches and shaded areas to take a break. Clemyjontri Park is normally super busy but we were lucky that a passing rain shower kept people away. An extra parking lot is available at Langley Fork Park and you can follow a path down the road to a marked crosswalk where you cross over Georgetown Pike.

Clemyjontri Park is a great park and the kids always have a blast!