Potomac Crossing Park in Leesburg, VA!

Potomac Crossing Park in Leesburg, VA!

Potomac Crossing Park is the latest edition to Loudoun County. The park includes playground, picnic pavilion, and plenty of hiking trails. Located in the Potomac Crossing neighborhood it offers a nice sidewalks to walk to the park and a large parking lot for visitors.

Address: End of Shanks Evan Rd NE, Leesburg, VA

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The playground offers a nice array of different equipment for the kids to play on. A school-aged and pre-school aged equipment with are set up inside the mulch based play area. Also there is a neat slide that is set up at the top of small grassy hill that slides the kids back into the playground area. A modern day merry-go-round has the option of sitting and standing and was a hit with my kiddos. There is a large picnic pavilion available for rental and a porta potty near the parking lot.


The best part of the park in my opinion is the access to the hiking trials. You can get on any of the trails and hit the Potomac Heritage Trail that travels up and down the Potomac River and also you can hike over to Balls Bluff Regional Park. Signage is available to point you in the right direction. The trails are all natural trails and not stroller friendly. If you have new little hikers a backpack carrier would be perfect. Most of the trail to a point is flat and would be fun for the walkers. As you get deeper into the park beware that as you get closer to the Potomac there is a straight drop off. Currently right now the trail along the bluff is covered in leaves and slick. We chose to skip this trail only because I didn’t have a second set of hands to make sure everyone stayed safe. This is only the trail closest to the river and there are plenty of other trails for the kids to enjoy.


We did end up hiking over to Balls Bluff Regional Park since it was such a nice day and the trees were gorgeous. If you haven’t ventured to the new Potomac Crossing Park I would highly recommend coming and checking it out!

Leesburg Animal Park in Leesburg, VA!

Leesburg Animal Park in Leesburg, VA!

This weekend I took my family to the Leesburg Animal Park  and they LOVED it! It is a family friendly petting zoo that opened in 2000 and is a family-owned and operated business.  This park has all the features!  Just a week ago they opened the doors to their BRAND NEW indoor facility. Between their indoor facility, the petting zoo, feeding area, wagon and pony rides and all the play equipment, you better plan to spend all day to enjoy all their features.

19270 James Monroe HighwayLeesburg, VA 20175

T, -, W, R

Indoor Facility:

Leesburg Animal Park’s newest addition is their Indoor Facility.  Honestly I think you could spend several hours alone in this building.  There’s a large play area, timed animal shows, room for additional play and crafts, a separate room for birthday parties and a cafe that will be opening later on this year!

indoor facility

The play area includes a huge playground with lots of climbing and a fun slide.  In addition to the area, there are ride on animals, such as a zebra and horse, push toys, and a little nook area to relax and read books.  As you enter the play area, there is an area to take off your shoes and park your stroller.  Throughout the parameter of this room are benches all around so the parents can relax and watch their children play and explore.

indoor collage

At the Discovery Room is where they have crafts, classes and much more! When we were there this weekend the kids made tie-dyed book marks.  There is a really nice area where you can read stories or participate in activities that are held by the park itself.

During our visit there were two birthday parties going on as well that include everything to do at the park for each child.  There is also a theater room where they have animal shows at different times and days, so be sure to check the schedule when you get there or online before you arrive.

Outside around the park:

The park itself has lots and lots of activities.  There is a wagon ride that is included with each admission.  These is a perfect opportunity to take the kids on a little ride to see the zebras and learn more about the llamas and have them eat feed right out of your hands! At the end of the ride, they give you feed to walk down to the pond and feed all the fish.  It was really muddy when we went due to all the snow melting, but in the past we have done this and the kids love seeing all the fish come up for the food.  There is a section of the park blocked off where you can feed goats, llamas, sheep, camels and more.  At a small additional cost you can take a pony ride and take pictures as they go on a ride.  This was one of our favorite things to do!

There is a huge area of play equipment for the kids to explore and play on.  There’s a big wooden boat, train, playground and they even had a moon bounce set up.  The boat had a pole you slide down, and play area in the bottom, big slide and more.  The train was a big hit too.  The playground itself was a nice, sturdy wooden structure that had slides, climbing equipment and a tunnel.


For a small price, this is a must visit park, even if it’s a short drive away! We are actually going to purchase the multi-day passes because we had so much fun and there will be even more to do as the weather gets nicer.

Lucketts Community Center & Park in Leesburg, VA!

Lucketts Community Center & Park in Leesburg, VA!

On our way to Maryland the other day we stopped by the Lucketts Community Center off of Route 15 and Lucketts Road in Leesburg, VA. The Community Center is currently being renovated but the large fenced in playground and rental pavilion is still accessible from the parking lot. The Lucketts Community Park is located off of Route 15 and includes lit soccer field, softball field, and walking/biking nature trails.

Community Center & Tot Lot Address: 42361 Lucketts Road, Leesburg, VA

Play Fields and Nature Trails Address: Off of Route 15, Look for the sign

 The fenced in playground consists of two large pieces of play equipment and both types of swings. In the morning hours there isn’t much shade but as the sun moves the large trees behind the equipment give it great shade. Currently a portion of the parking lot is closed off for renovations on the old school house but ther are some spots available to park. A porta potty is available by the entrance and was clean when we visited.

The kids had a great time at the park but we ran out of time and weren’t able to check out the nature trails by the sports fields. Guess we’ll just have to check it out again! Lucketts is a great little town with one traffic light and several antique stores. While you’re out there you should check out Temple Hall Farm off of Route 15 too!

Foxridge Park in Leesburg, VA!

Foxridge Park in Leesburg, VA!

Foxridge Park in Leesburg, VA is a nice park located off of Catoctin Circle SW in the Town of Leesburg. The park has a great picnic shelter, playground, baseball field, and walking paths with access to W & OD Trail.

Address: 525 Catoctin Circle Southwest, Leesburg, Virginia

The playground was nice including two pieces of play equipment and swings. Nice indoor restrooms are located by the baseball field not far from the playground. The picnic pavilion is under great shade and the perfect place for a picnic lunch. The walking trails are nice and wind throughout the park and neighborhood.

This is very cute park located in the Town of Leesburg!

Rotary Park in Leesburg, VA!

Rotary Park in Leesburg, VA!

Rotary Park is in the heart of Old Town Leesburg on the corner of North Street NE and Church Street NE. This 1-acre Loudoun County park is in walking distance of the Courthouse and Government Center.

Address: 22 North St., NE, Leesburg, VA 20176

This park might be small but it’s great for the littler crowd. Rotary Park has a small piece equipment, regular swings and a basketball court. There are no restrooms but plenty of benches and picnic tables to take a break in the shade. There is no shade over the equipment but there is plenty of shade in between the basketball court and play equipment.  You’ll have to park on the street or in the parking lot across the street.

This is a cute neighborhood park and if you live in the area you should check it out!

Brandon Park in Leesburg, VA!

Brandon Park in Leesburg, VA!
A few weeks ago we checked out Brandon Park in the Town of Leesburg, VA. This small park includes a small piece of equipment equipped with special needs ramps and lots of grass for the kids to run around on.
The piece of play equipment is in great condition with a little bit of shade around it. The best part about the park is the creek that runs along the perimeter and the kids can toss rocks and sticks into the water. Sadly the park doesn’t have a restroom but if you’re in a real pinch a car dealership is next door with a restroom. If you’re driving over to the park there is no parking lot but plenty of open spaces at the dealership right next to the entrance to the park.
This a cute neighborhood park and live in the area or you’re stuck at the local car dealerships you should walk over and check them out!

Tuscarora Creek Park in Leesburg, VA!

Tuscarora Creek Park in Leesburg, VA!
Last week we checked out Tuscarora Creek Park in the Town of Leesburg, VA. A local Dad had told me about the park along with a few others. The park gets it’s name from the Tuscarora Creek which sits below the park near the W & OD Trail. Trail access is available right next to the park and a paved path takes you down a slight hill to the trail.

The park has one piece of play equipment which is more appropriate for the older kids than the younger crowd. There are both toddler and regular swings available. There is no shade over the equipment but the kids can escape the sun either under the pavilion or amongst the trees that surround the park. A picnic pavilion is available to rent along with the restrooms. Sadly the restrooms are only available during the rental periods.

The Tuscarora Creek Park in Loudoun County is small but great if you live near the Battlefield Parkway Expansion Bridge. With access to the W & OD Trail if you live near you could use the trail to access the park. An added bonus is the small creek down the paved trail where the kiddos can check out the frogs and throw rocks into the water.

Greenway Park in Leesburg, VA!

Greenway Park in Leesburg, VA!

Today we checked out Greenway Park in Leesburg, VA. The park is located in the single-family home neighborhood of Greenway Farms in the Town of Leesburg.

Address: 103 Shadetree Way, SW, Leesburg, VA 20175

This is a very cute neighborhood park with a tot lot, nature trail and basketball court. Sadly there are no restrooms or swings but the kids had a great time playing on the equipment. There isn’t any shade over the equipment but there a few picnic tables in the shade between the playground and basketball court.

Great park and if you live near the Greenway Farms development in Loudoun County you should check it out!

Douglass Community Park in Leesburg, VA!

Douglass Community Park in Leesburg, VA!

Yesterday we were shopping in Leesburg and stumbled across Douglass Community Park. This great fenced in park is located off E. Market Street behind the Douglass Community Center. The W & OD Trail runs by the paved trail to the community center and is another great way to get to the park.

Address: 405 E. Market St. Leesburg, VA 20176

The Loudoun County playground has two large pieces of play equipment, one small piece of equipment, a small rock wall, and two sets of swings. The equipment was in great condition with a few of the pieces being brand new. With the leaves on the trees the park has lots of shade including the picnic shelter near the playground. Restrooms are available inside the playground and according to a Dad at the park they have a porta potty near the park from April to October.
This is a great community park in Old Town Leesburg with lots of things for the kids to do!

Ida Lee Park in Leesburg, VA!

Ida Lee Park in Leesburg, VA!

Yesterday we checked out Ida Lee Park in Leesburg, VA for the first time. This Western Loudoun County park is very nice. It includes a community garden share, water park, tennis courts, basketball courts, walking trails, library, recreation center and two playgrounds. Since we were coming from Potomac Falls we had a nice drive through the historic section of Leesburg to arrive at the park.

Address: 60 Ida Lee Drive, NW, Leesburg, VA 20176

When we went it was in the afternoon hours and the playground was in complete shade. There was plenty of benches and picnic tables to sit and watch the kids play.  Also a small shaded pavillion was available for groups or parties. A porta potty was available next to the park but the library is very close if you want a clean indoor restroom. The play equipment was in great shape and the kids had a blast.

We are definitely going to come back and play at this park again! The kids had a great time and the park was nice and clean.

Next Stop….Greenbrier State Park in Boonsboro, MD!