Runnymeade Park in Herndon, VA!

Runnymeade Park in Herndon, VA!

Runnymeade Park in Herndon, VA is a 58-acre natural park in the Town of Herndon that follows along the Sugarland Run Stream. The park has hiking trails along the stream, a picnic pavilion and a porta potty. A Boy Scout project has many of the local fauna displayed with the names of the different plants and trees.

Address: 195 Herndon Parkway, Herndon, VA

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When we were here at the park it was just after the last snowfall. Certain areas along the trail can be mushy after a rain storm so beware. There is a short paved trail before it turns to gravel/dirt trail. If you’re looking for a little nature walk this is perfect local spot to check out.  Click here for the Trail Map.



When we hit the trails we also did a little geocaching along the way. If you live in the Town of Herndon and enjoy a nature hike check out Runnymeade Park.

Franklin Oaks Park in Herndon, VA!

Franklin Oaks Park in Herndon, VA!

A few months ago we checked out a small Fairfax County park tucked back in between homes in the Franklin Oaks Community in Herndon, VA! The park doesn’t have any sign  just a small path in between two beautiful single family homes.

Address: 2961A Franklin Oaks Dr., Herndon, VA 22071

The park doesn’t have much but he does have a really nice basketball court, small piece of equipment for older children and a set of swings. No restrooms at this park but tons of shade over the slide and swings. The county does label the park as having hiking trails throughout the wooded portion of the park. From the basketball court it was hard to determine where any sort of trail started. I did drive around the neighborhood to see if there were any other park entrances but didn’t see any.

The play area is pretty small but it was a nice park for the older children to play basketball, swing and slide!

Frying Pan Park & Kidwell Farm in Herndon, VA!

Frying Pan Park & Kidwell Farm in Herndon, VA!

Located in Fairfax County you can find Frying Pan Park in Herndon, VA. The park includes Kidwell Farm, Kidwell Farm House, playground, carousel, indoor and outdoor equestrian rings, equestrian trails and Country Store. From May through October the Farmer’s Market arrives every Wednesday with fresh produce and meats from Local Virginia Farms. Frying Pan Park also has their own 4-H club for kids to learn the science and basic care of livestock.

Address: 2709 West Ox Road, Herndon, Virginia 20171

Kidwell Farm has lots of farm animals for the kids to check out including sheep, pigs, cows, draft horses, chickens, goats and rabbits. During the spring time all the baby farm animals are being born and when old enough are on display for everyone to see.

In addition to the animals you can also take a tour of the Kidwell Farm House, Smoke House and old farm equipment.

If the weather is nice you can always pack a lunch because there are plenty of places to sit down and eat lunch either by the farm or by the small playground.
 The small playground includes two different pieces of age appropriate equipment but no swings. There is no shade to get away from the sun but restrooms are located both in the indoor equestrian center and by the playground. For a few dollars you and the kids can purchase tickets for the wagon ride and or the carousel. **More pictures to come of the playground area and carousel***

This Fairfax County Park is a gem! The kids always have a great time and strollers and wagons get around the farm very easily. So no matter the age of the child you should check out Frying Pan Park in Herndon, VA!

Cutter Mill Park in Herndon, VA!

Cutter Mill Park in Herndon, VA!

Today the boys and I checked out Cutter Mill Park in Herndon, VA.

Address:  Herndon Parkway, Herndon, VA 20170

This 6-acre park is located between Cuttermill and Westfield single family home divisions. The park offers a baseball field, half court basketball, volleyball, playground and walking paths. It also has a small basketball hoop for the kids. Two sets of playground equipment are completely in the shade including a picnic table and benches. Sadly there are no restrooms as this park.

This is a cute little park with lots of shade and if you live in Herndon you should check it out!