C.M. Crockett Park in Midland, VA!

C.M. Crockett Park in Midland, VA!

C.M. Crockett Park in Midland, VA is so big we had to visit the park a couple times before we did everything. My boys loved this park because they could play on the equipment, hike around and fish all in one trip. The park sits nestled up against Germantown Lake, the 109-acre lake is an old flooded quarry from times past when German settlers arrived in the area.

Address: 10066 Rogues Road Midland, VA 22728 

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The park has so much you can do it’s hard to know where to start. When you pull into the parking lot you’ll notice two different paths on each side of the parking lot. Near the entrance to one path are picnic carts that you can use to take your items to the picnic pavilions, playground area, boat dock, boat rental, snack shack, horseshoe pits and sand volleyball court. Such a neat idea! This portion of the park has a pebble/old asphalt trail around the entire picnic area. At the entrance to the trail you’ll find a map that shows you where everything is located. At the snack shack you can rent a canoe, jonboat with or without motor, kayak, or paddle boat. Life preservers are available for rental as well but each rental comes with two vests. If you want to bring your own boat there is a launch ramp available. Remember anyone 16 years or older needs to have a fishing license. You can easily obtain one at www.dgif.virginia.gov/licenses/  and keep it on your person.


The park has 4 picnic shelters, an amphitheater and tent available for rent. Around the picnic area you’ll find a ton of picnic tables with charcoal grills along the water or just in the large grassy area. Indoor restrooms are available in this portion of the park and were very clean when we were there. Nature trail paths can be reached from the pebble/old asphalt trail with signs pointing you in the right direction. The playground area has two sets of play equipment, both school-aged and preschool age. Both types of swings are available. There isn’t any shade over the play equipment but there are plenty of shelters you can use to get them out of the sun. When we were there they were repairing the smaller play equipment but all the equipment was in good shape. There were other peoples children on the equipment so pardon the picture from a far. I don’t like to infringe on other peoples children…:)


The part of the park my kids loved was the lake of course. There are some good spots for the kids to fish and not fall in which in my case is a bonus with two boys under the age of 5….:) Near the entrance to the picnic area you would head down the path to the left to find the dock and snack shack. Here you can rent equipment for fishing, volleyball, horseshoes, croquet and or rent a boat with life preservers. For Hours of Operation please click here.


On one of are other days at the park we decided head towards the dam side of the lake for some hiking . If you follow the path near the boat launching ramp you’ll pass the maintenance shed and ranger home. In this part of the park you’ll find the rope course which no longer has a provider or third party running the course. Porta Potties can be located near the edge of the trees for public use. We didn’t make it all the way around the lake but we still had a nice hike around and the kids got to see a few deer and lots of birds. There were also tons of caches in the park if you’re into geocaching. If you’re into orienteering you can obtain the maps and information for the beginner and advances courses at the office.


In the front portion of this park you’ll find the Sanctuary: Commerative Grove. Here donated plants or trees can be planted to commemorate a person or special event amongst  a grove of native trees. For more information call (540) 788-4867.

Fauquier County really does have some beautiful parks. Even if you don’t live in the area I would pack a lunch and head out to C.M. Crockett Park in Midland, VA!

Sky Meadows State Park in Delaplane, VA!

Sky Meadows State Park in Delaplane, VA!

This past weekend my husband and I were out in Fauquier County and stopped by Sky Meadows State Park for some hiking. It was a bit chilly but once we got started we warmed right up. The State Park has a daily parking fee and for other fees click here. This 1,864-acre park has historic Mount Bleak Home which gives visitors a glimpse of a middle class farm family living in the 1860’s. Park nature programs are available from Spring to Fall. The park offers beautiful equestrian and hiking trails and a trialhead to the Appalachian Trail.

Address: 11012 Edmonds Lane  Delaplane, Virginia 20144

The hubby and I had a great time hitting the trails and checking out the Mount Bleak House. We did do a little bit of geo-caching before we got too cold. If you’re hitting the trails for the day you can just pay a small parking fee. But if you’re looking for a longer stay they do offer camp sites. If you’re into fishing, Turner Pond is also available for for fishing as long as you have a fishing license.

Sky Meadows State Park is a beautiful park and if you love to be outside in nature it’s a great place to the take the family!

Northern Fauquier Community Park in Marshall, VA!

Last week we checked out the Northern Fauquier Community Park in Fauquier County. This is a beautiful park with a lot for everyone in the family. My boys favorite part of the park was the fishing lake and painted paw prints on the walking trail that denoted the path that had dog waste bins.

Address: 4155 Monroe Parkway, Marshall, VA 20115

The park has many different ball fields, walking trails, eight picnic shelters, 3 playgrounds, amphitheater, and fishing lake. The playgrounds are situated near three different parts of the park. The largest of the three playgrounds has nice indoor restrooms within about 15 feet of the play area. The play area had a little bit of shade near the equipment and several picnic shelters nearby to sit down and get out of the sun. In addition to the two pieces of play equipment this play area has both regular and toddler swings.

The other two play areas were situated near different ends of the park and near ball fields. Each play area had one piece of play equipment and restrooms were located near each site.

In addition to all the play areas and ball fields the park has an amphitheater and eight different picnic pavilions that are available for rental.

This is a great park and very well maintained. This would be a great spot for a family picnic or other family events. If you live in Fauquier County or just want to take a trip out to Marshall I highly recommend Northern Fauquier Community Park.