Jefferson Village Park in Falls Church!

Jefferson Village Park in Falls Church!

Jefferson Village Park is a small neighborhood park in Falls Church, VA. The park has one small piece of play equipment, both types of swings and a unlit baseball field. Situated right next to the park is Tripps Run, a waterway that does not have a fence separating it from the park. My boys who are older didn’t have a problem staying away from the water but the younger kids might be drawn to the waterway.

Address: 2932 East Tripps Run Rd., Falls Church, VA 22042

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The playground equipment was in great shape but lacked any shade around the equipment. The kids had a great time running around the large grassy area with a soccer ball until it was time to head out. There are no restrooms available in the park but a few local stores not too far away.


If you live near this Falls Church neighborhood park it would be a nice park to walk to or take a short drive to burn off some energy.

Lincoln Park in Falls Church, VA!

Lincoln Park in Falls Church, VA!

Another great neighborhood park in the City of Falls Church, VA is Lincoln Park. The park is fenced in and sits on the corner of Lincoln Avenue and Great Falls Street. The park was completely remodeled after an accident left the play equipment in bad shape and now the new equipment has a very cute theme.

Address: Lincoln Avenue and Great Falls Street


The park has a basketball court, two pieces of play equipment, both types of swings, and a sandbox. The NEW play equipment has some shade over the equipment and picnic tables. The new play equipment  was replaced after someone ran off the road and hit the play equipment. The new equipment has a tree house theme and the boys really enjoyed playing inside the big tree. The new swings include one toddler swing, one special needs swing and two regular swings. The swings and sandbox don’t have much shade but the sandbox does have recycled sand toys available to use. Sadly there are no restrooms at the park. A few of the picnic tables have been replaced with really cute toadstool chairs and tables.


The park is very nice and it’s hard to tell from the pictures but the sponsor of the park has added a rain garden with flowers, trees and shrubs. If you live in the City of Falls Church or just looking for a nice shady park I recommend Lincoln Park!

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J.E.B Stuart Park in Falls Church, VA

J.E.B Stuart Park in Falls Church, VA


J.E.B Stuart Park in Falls Church is located right across the street from JEB Stuart High School and has all the amenities you are looking for when visiting a park.

3330 Peace Valley Lane, Falls Church, VAT, S, W, R

Whether you are on the look out for a playground, walking trail, basketball courts or tennis courts, this park has all the features you are looking for.  Located right across the street from JEB Stuart High School, at this park you will find a nice sized playground with a few slides, climbing equipment, “monkey” bars and on each side of the equipment you will find the fun, “old fashion” game to play telephone.  My boys loved hearing each other scream at each other.  A set of two infant swings are located right next to the playground as well.   Since we visited right around the time school let out, we were able to see a group of kids play basketball and practice tennis.  There was a nice little section of picnic tables with a grill as well.  Parking is located on the street (by the school).  There was a nice little trail leading you up to the play equipment, making it far enough away from the street and the school.  This park is surrounded by trees and has plenty of opportunities for shade.

jeb collage

If you are located in Falls Church and near this park, I recommend stopping by to see all the amenities this park has to offer.

 **Please note, if you do stop by during the school year and around the time of dismissal, there may be students hanging out while they wait for their rides or after school activities. **

Griffith Park in Falls Church, VA

Griffith Park in Falls Church, VA

Griffith Park is a small park located in the Pimmit Falls neighborhood in Falls Church, VA.  Even though this park is relatively small, there is still a lot to do, including both infant and regular swings, a teeter-totter as well as benches and trash cans.

Address: 2013 Griffith Rd, Falls Church, VA



There is no specific parking lot at this specific park; however, the park itself is set back in the small neighborhood.  Even though there is not a tot lot, there is a teeter totter as well as 4 total swings (two infant and two regular).  There is small walk path as well that enters the park from the neighborhood.  The few benches pictured below is great to watch the kids or a nice place to set up a picnic and take a break from play.


If you are near the Pimmit Falls neighborhood, I recommend trying this quaint little park for a nice morning or afternoon out.

Jefferson District Park in Falls Church, VA

Jefferson District Park in Falls Church, VA

Jefferson District Park is located right off of Lee Highway in Falls Church.  This park has so much to offer.  The main attraction to this park is their golf course, in addition there is a miniature golf course, play grounds, basketball courts, tennis courts, picnic areas and restrooms.

Address: 7900 Lee Hwy, Falls Church, VA 22042

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 This park has a large parking lot and it set deep within the park that it is safe for the kids to play and not worry about heavy traffic.  There is one piece of large play equipment including a wrap around slide and a tic-tac-toe game.  The playground is surrounded by benches, picnic tables a few grills and trash cans.  In addition to the play area is several fields including basketball and  tennis courts.


If you live near Falls Church and Lee Highway, I recommend making a day of this and trying out the miniature golf course as well planning a picnic at the playground.


Greenway Downs Park in Falls Church, VA

Greenway Downs Park in Falls Church, VA

Review submitted by NoVA Outdoor’s newest addition, Ashley Wells. Ashley is a mom to two wonderful boys who have plenty of energy and married to a husband who enjoys being outdoors!

Greenway Downs Park is in the Greenway Downs neighborhood, located in Falls Church, VA.   This park is in a very shaded and secluded area with a walking path, picnic tables, swings and a tot lot.  Although there isn’t much parking,  it is located in a cul-de-sac.

Address: 2858 Woodlawn Ave., Falls Church, VA 22042

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greenwaydowns (1 of 10)

The playground is a great size for a neighborhood park.  In addition to the swings, it has a couple of slides,  a  riding horse, a tic tac toe game as well as a little fire engine underneath.


greenwaydowns (8 of 10)

There are a few picnic tables located at this park, as well as a smaller table for the kids to eat at.  There are several locations to a walking path from the park;  there’s a bridge entrance, stairs on the opposite side or past the play area there is a path entrance as well.

greenwaydowns (10 of 10)greenwaydowns (4 of 10)

If you live in Falls Church or located near the Greenway Downs neighborhood, this is a great park to take a walk, pack a lunch and enjoy a shaded afternoon out.

Luria Park in Falls Church, VA!

Luria Park in Falls Church, VA!

Luria Park in Falls Church, VA can be reached through the Holmes Run Acres Neighborhood. The Luria Park is named after the Luria Brothers that developed the Holmes Run Acres development in 50’s. The park has three entrances, one off of Holmes Run Drive, Fallowfield Drive and the other is off of Hartwell Court.

Address: 7624 Holmes Run Dr., Falls Church, VA 22042

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The 5-acre park has two large pieces of play equipment and both types of swings. Most of the park is a large grassy area but there is a full basketball court. There are no restrooms but a small amount of shade over the play equipment during certain times of the day.




 In you live in the West Falls Church/Annandale area you should check out Luria Park!

Olney Park in Falls Church, VA!

Olney Park in Falls Church, VA!

Olney Park in Falls Church, VA is an 18-acre park with tennis courts, baseball fields, basketball court, reservable picnic pavilion, playground and a few small hiking trails. This was another park my hubby and the boys reviewed a couple weeks ago. My hubby wrote extensive notes about the park including that the boys really liked the park.

Address: 1840 Olney Road, Falls Church, VA 22043

T, S, W, R


The playground area includes one large piece of play equipment in good shape and both types of swings. There isn’t much shade around the play area but indoor restrooms are available at the picnic pavilion. The picnic pavilion is quite large and you can reserve the pavilion for gatherings through the county. There are a few small hiking trails around the edges of the park and a few geocaches for you to find.




Olney Park is mostly a sports park but it does have a nice playground area with restrooms! If you live in the Pimmit Hills area of Falls Church you should check out this park.

Roundtree Park in Falls Church, VA!

Roundtree Park in Falls Church, VA!

Roundtree Park is a 73-acre park located in Falls Church, VA. It has many different athletic fields and courts along with hiking trails and playground. There are tennis courts, basketball courts, multi-use field, baseball and softball fields. This park also had several different geo-caches that can be found.

Address: 3411 Casilear Rd., Falls Church, VA 22042

T, -, W, R


The playground area had some shade over the play area. Indoor restrooms are available by the tennis courts and picnic pavilion. There were no swings at this park but there are hiking trails. The hubby and the kids didn’t hike around since it was a little mushy from the rain. We’ll just have to head back to check out the trails next time we’re in West Falls Church.



This was one of the parks my hubby reviewed for me and he felt the park was a nice play to take the family. It was also very popular as the play area and tennis courts were packed. Picnic Pavilions are available for rental through Fairfax County with restrooms attached to the larger pavilion. If you live in the West Falls Church area check out Roundtree Park!

Lillian Carey Park in Falls Church, VA!

Lillian Carey Park in Falls Church, VA!

Lillian Carey Park is a 13-acre park in the Bailey’s Crossroads area of Falls Church, VA. To access the playground area you’ll need to park in the Baileys Community Center parking lot near the tennis courts. Access to the playground area can also be gained from a set of stairs from the condo  community, Steppes of Barcroft. The park includes 2 tennis courts, hiking trails, playground, and picnic shelter.

Address: 5921 Summers Lane, Falls Church, VA 22041

T, S, W, R


The playground is in complete shade during the summer months. The one large piece of play equipment was in good shape as were the swings. Picnic tables, benches and picnic shelter are available to take a quick break or have a picnic lunch. Restrooms are available inside the Bailey’s Community Center.




Lillian Carey Park also has some hiking trails. I was able to take the kiddos out onto them from the park area and I noticed locals used them to get up to the playground. The trails are truly natural trails and wouldn’t be able to handle a stroller. There were a few geocaches hidden in the wooded areas off the trails as well. If you live in the Bailey’s Crossroads area of Falls Church you should check out the Community Center and Lillian Carey Park.