Rutherford Park in Fairfax, VA!

Rutherford Park in Fairfax, VA!

Rutherford Park located in Fairfax has so much to offer and is fun for all ages.  In addition to the large piece of playground equipment, there are also plenty of athletic fields including tennis and basketball courts.  There is a nice picnic and grilling area and nice walking trail, which is part of the Long Branch Stream Valley Trail.


Address: Rutherford Park, Fairfax, VA 

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Rutherford Park

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Rutherford Park 38.825390, -77.264773 Rutherford Park, Fairfax, VA 22032, United States (Directions)
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When you first enter the park there is a port-a-potty.  The playground, itself, is a large piece of equipment, including three slides, a climbing wall and monkey bars.  Rutherford Park has a tire swing, including two infant swings and two regular swings, as well as a few riding animals.  Woodchips are underneath all the equipment.  There are plenty of athletic fields, including basketball and tennis courts and there is a nice picnic and grilling area.


collage2If you are located in Fairfax County or are just looking for a fun, free day out, check out this park!

Draper Drive Park in Fairfax, VA!

Draper Drive Park in Fairfax, VA!

A BIG Thank you to our Guest Reviewer, Allie Higgins, for reviewing Draper Drive Park in the City of Fairfax!

Allie Higgins is a mom of two young energetic boys who love to run and play.  Together, they enjoy hiking, biking, swimming and going to the many parks in the area.  Allie has been in the DC/NOVA area for over 10 years; she is writer/researcher and a graduate of Saint Mary’s College at Notre Dame and Vanderbilt University.

Draper Drive Park in the City of Fairfax was, until recently, only soccer fields and walking trails; however, the city has now added a playground that is a fun addition to the park.
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The playground area is set up on part mulch and part rubber surfaces and includes swings and the main play structures even have shade canopies for the equipment. If your children like to get dizzy, there are several spinning pieces and if they prefer to climb, there are climbing walls as well. Slides and monkey bars make this playground complete. There are numerous park benches and two porta-potties adjacent to the playground.
Draper Drive.jpg 2
Draper Drive.jpg 1
Draper Drive
Draper Drive #3
 The soccer field is synthetic turf with goals and bleachers along the fields. Additionally, there is a paved run/walk/bike trail that encircles the park. I especially liked that you can see the entire trail from the playground. While my younger son was swinging, I could still watch my older son ride his bike around the loop. Similarly, if you are at the park to watch a soccer match, you can see the all of the fields from the playground, so that makes it fun for all! This is a great park to check out if you are in the Fairfax area.

Shiloh Street Park in Fairfax, VA

Shiloh Street Park in Fairfax, VA

We spent some time in Fairfax and came across this petite, neighborhood park located at the intersection of Ranger Road and Shiloh Street in Fairfax.

Address: 10400 Shiloh Street, Fairfax, VA 22030

(At the intersection of Ranger Road and Shiloh Street)

Shiloh Street Park is a smaller neighborhood park that is fenced in, has a bench with trash, a metal jungle gym and a riding Bald Eagle.  This park was nicely shaded as we went on quite a hot day.  There is also a neighborhood trail that is accessible at the park.


If you are in the neighborhood, stop by this park and check out Cambridge Station park in the neighborhood as well.

Villa Lee park in Fairfax, VA!

Villa Lee park in Fairfax, VA!

Villa Lee Park is located in Fairfax, VA.  You can access this park off of Hunter Road and take a path, over the bridge to the park or by turning into the Villa Lee townhouse development off of Espana Court and it is right in the cul-da-sac.

Address: 2901 Hunter Road, Fairfax, VA 

T, S, W, -

As mentioned before, Villa Lee park is located off of Hunter Road.  There is only street parking, the road is a little narrow, but you can access the park by taking the walking path through the woods, over the bridge to Villa Street Park.  We ended up parking in the cul-da-sac off of Empana Court in the Villa Lee townhouse development.  The park is located right there.  The park has a small playground with climbing equipment,  slide a see-saw, as well as a swing and an infant swing.  There is also a little picnic area where you can enjoy the nicely shaded park.


If you live in the Villa Lee development or are near by, this is a small, yet nicely shaded park to visit in the forest.

Cambridge Station Park in Fairfax, VA!

Cambridge Station Park in Fairfax, VA!

We spent some time at a few Fairfax parks and we came across this cute, neighborhood park in Cambridge Station.

Address: 9728 Ranger Road, Fairfax, VA 

(At the intersection of Ranger Road and Cambridge Road).

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There are a few parks off of Ranger Road and we came across this neighborhood park at the intersection of Ranger Road and Cambridge Road.  This park is semi-gated in and has a car wash section and hook up for the residents in Cambridge Station.  The park also has a small playground area, swings, basketball court and a picnic area.  The tot lot has three small slides, there are three infant swings nearby as well.


This park is for Cambridge Station residents, so if you live in Cambridge Station check out this quiet little park in your neighborhood, and enjoy washing your car (when it’s warm out).

Thaiss Memorial Park in Fairfax, VA!

Thaiss Memorial Park in Fairfax, VA!

Thaiss Memorial Park is a 10-acre park in the City of Fairfax. The park includes  Little League fields, picnic pavilion, and play equipment. The park is also a point where you can enter the Accotink Stream Valley Trail that is part of the larger Cross County Trail.

Address: 3401 Pickett Road, Fairfax, VA 22031

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Thaiss Memorial Park is mostly a sports park but it does have one piece of play equipment in good shape for the older crowd. A Porta Potty (May-Oct) is available during non sporting times and indoor restrooms are available when Little League games are going on. There is a picnic pavilion to get out of the shade. Check out this City of Fairfax Park!

Accotink Stream Valley Trail in Fairfax, VA!

Accotink Stream Valley Trail in Fairfax, VA!

When we were tooling around Fairfax heading toward the different portions of Eakin Community Park we headed out onto the Accotink Stream Valley Trail. This portion of the trail is part of the larger Cross County Trail plan or CCT. The CCT is 40 miles long, running from the Potomac River in Great Falls Park to Occoquan River in the Occoquan Regional Park. There is some great facts about the CCT on the Fairfax County Park Authority website and other Trail Maps around the counties, if you’re curious and want more information click here.

Accotink Strean Valley Trail Map 

This portion of the CCT takes you along the trail from Pickett Road in Fairfax where you can enter the path at Thaiss Memorial Park all the way to Little River Turnpike (Rt 236) ending at Wakefield Park in Annandale.

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AREAS WHERE YOU CAN PARK Address: 3417 Pickett Rd, Fairfax, VA 22031

3400 ProsperityAve, Fairfax, VA 22031

8515 Tobin Rd, Annandale, VA 22003

We picked a nice day to head out on the 4.2-mile trail and just walk in the shade of the trees. The path is paved and flat with several small bridges to cross over. There were tons of people running, biking or just letting the kids run up and down the path. The wooded area along the trail was pretty moist from the past days of rain and we noticed it was kind of buggy in parts. I bet during the spring time or when there is a small breeze the bugs are not an issue. Homes can be seen from the parts of the trail and you do cross over a few roads but there are large crosswalks for pedestrian safety. Along the way are info signs with information regarding the trail or things like a description of poison ivy and why it makes you itch…:)


There are a couple parks along this portion of trail, Thaiss Memorial Park which has a school aged piece of play equipment and Eakin Community Park which has a playground with slides and swings. There are restrooms at the Thaiss Memorial Park (porta potty) and Eakin Community Park (porta potty) at the Tobin Rd location.

My kids had a fun time running along the path, checking out the creek that runs under the small bridges and of course seeing the deer throughout the trail area. (HINT: There is a deer in this picture, see if you can find it….:) ) One thing I have to mention are the signs along the trail noting that Deer Management for Archery Hunters begins in Sept and runs through February.

Enjoy the outdoors in the middle of the suburbs!

South Railroad Street Park in Dunn Loring, VA

South Railroad Street Park in Dunn Loring, VA

Review submitted by NoVA Outdoor’s newest addition, Ashley Wells. Ashley is a mom to two wonderful boys who have plenty of energy and married to a husband who enjoys being outdoors!



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South Railroad Street Park is a small, yet nice neighborhood park located in Dunn Loring, Va.  This Fairfax park has a nice sized play area, walking trail and picnic tables.  

IMG_7599  IMG_7601

 The playground has a large piece of play equipment, including a climbing wall, a few slides and monkey bars.  This park is settled back on a short walking trail, away from the road, with plenty of shade and picnic tables.  Please note, there are not restrooms at this park; however it is a very nice quiet park to go to if you are near the Dunn Loring area.

Westmore Park in Fairfax, VA!

Westmore Park in Fairfax, VA!

Westmore Park in the City of Fairfax is a nice neighborhood park with basketball courts, picnic pavilion with grill and playground area. The small park sits in the Westmore neighborhood of the City of Fairfax.


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Address: 4030 Fern St, Fairfax, VA 22030   


The playground area has a large piece of play equipment, a few older metal play equipment pieces, a few ride on horses, and both types of swings. The larger piece of play equipment doesn’t have any shade over it but there is plenty of shade through out this neighborhood park. There are no restrooms at this park but a picnic pavilion complete with a charcoal grill is available.






Westmore Park is really great neighborhood park. Even though it isn’t fenced-in the streets surrounding the park are not never busy. If you live in the City of Fairfax check out Westmore Park.


Green Acres Center in Fairfax, VA!

Green Acres Center in Fairfax, VA!

The Green Acres Center in the City of Fairfax has uses for all ages. It offers senior citizens daily activities and entertainment. Rooms are also available to rent for meetings and other events with a cafeteria, dance studio, multipurpose room, toddler play room and gymnasium. Main Street Child Development Center is also part of the Green Acres Center. This non-profit organization offers affordable daycare to working families who have limited income in the Fairfax area.

T, S, -, R

Address: 4401 Sideburn Road, Fairfax, VA 22030


The surrounding areas of the Green Acres Center includes a very large fenced-in playground, basketball courts, little league field, and soccer field. Portable restrooms were located by the little league field but you can also go inside the center and use the indoor restrooms. The fenced-in tot lot had several large pieces of play equipment, tons of swings but only one toddler swing, and what use to be a sand box which had mostly mulch in it but it was covered from the sun. There is no shade around the playground area so on hot days it’s pretty unbearable.


IMAG1179 IMAG1180




The boys had a great time at the park. The weather wasn’t too hot and they got to play on all the equipment before the daycare kids came out. The public is absolutely allowed in the park from dawn to dusk so if you live in the City of Fairfax near George Mason University check out the playground area behind the Green Acres Center in the City of Fairfax.