Waterworks Waterpark in Woodbridge, VA!

Waterworks Waterpark in Woodbridge, VA!

Waterworks Waterpark in Woodbridge, VA sits in the Andrew Leitch Park. Last year we weren’t able to go to the waterpark due to a thunderstorm that popped up during our visit to Andrew Leitch Park. In comparison to Splash Down Waterpark located in Manassas, Waterworks is smaller. The waterpark offers a 2-story slide, zero entry pool, leap pads, and kids area. They do charge an admission fee for entrance to the park. Click the link above to get current rates. Picnic Pavilions are available for rental both inside and outside the waterpark. For more information and rates click here.

Address: 5301 Dale Blvd, Woodbridge, VA 22193

*****(If you put in Dale City versus Woodbridge for the City it will send you to another spot along Dale Blvd)*****


The boys had a great time at the park. Sadly the kids area wasn’t open due to mechanical problems but the my kiddos were able to play in zero entry beach area. The kids area looked like a lot of fun and I was able to take pictures of the area even though it wasn’t working. The boys weren’t quite tall enough to play on the water lily pads and 2-story waterslide since the requirement is 48″ tall. Remember you cannot bring food and drinks into the park but they do offer a snack bar if the kids get hungry. We brought our lunch so we just got our hand stamped and headed to one of the picnic benches outside the waterpark.










There are  pavilions you can sit under to get out of the sun along with plenty of cabana chairs around the area. The only small downside to this park is if you have an older child (48″+) who wants to go in the bigger area and you have a munchkin who wants to stay in the kid area. There is a pretty good distance between the two and you wouldn’t be able to appease both kids without losing sight of one child. That being said my kids a great time. Even though they couldn’t do everything it was much better than our community pool and a change of pace.


John D. Jenkins Park in Dale City, VA!

John D. Jenkins Park in Dale City, VA!

John D. Jenkins Park in Dale City, VA is a nice Hillendale neighborhood park. This Prince William County park has a full court basketball court, picnic pavilion, two large pieces of play equipment and both types of swings. Even better is the Fire Station around the corner that allows the kids to hear the sirens as they leave the station.

Address: 133499 Hillendale Drive, Dale City, VA 22193

The play equipment was in good shape and had some shade from trees planted around the play equipment.  The picnic pavilion is right next to the playground and offer some more shade for the kids. There is a porta potty in the parking lot and it was clean when we were there. I was talking with a local mom and she told me that the park is great during the day but towards evening hours sometimes an unsavory crowd will show up.

 If you live in the Hillendale Area of Dale City swing by and check out John D. Jenkins Park!



Andrew Leitch Park in Dale City, VA!

Andrew Leitch Park in Dale City, VA!

A couple weeks ago we were in Dale City, VA and checked out Andrew Leitch Park in Prince William County. The park also has Waterworks Waterpark sadly we weren’t able to go in because a thunderstorm came through.

Address: 5301 Dale Blvd, Dale City, VA 22193

The park includes baseball/softball fields, basketball and volleyball courts, playground, walking/hiking trails and picnic pavilions. The playground area has lots of shade with two play equipment pieces and both types of swings. A porta potty is available near the parking lot not far from the equipment.


Andrew Leitch Park was a nice park and had plenty for the kids to do. If you live in Dale City or Prince William County I would suggest you check it out.