Greenway Downs Park in Falls Church, VA

Greenway Downs Park in Falls Church, VA

Review submitted by NoVA Outdoor’s newest addition, Ashley Wells. Ashley is a mom to two wonderful boys who have plenty of energy and married to a husband who enjoys being outdoors!

Greenway Downs Park is in the Greenway Downs neighborhood, located in Falls Church, VA.   This park is in a very shaded and secluded area with a walking path, picnic tables, swings and a tot lot.  Although there isn’t much parking,  it is located in a cul-de-sac.

Address: 2858 Woodlawn Ave., Falls Church, VA 22042

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The playground is a great size for a neighborhood park.  In addition to the swings, it has a couple of slides,  a  riding horse, a tic tac toe game as well as a little fire engine underneath.


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There are a few picnic tables located at this park, as well as a smaller table for the kids to eat at.  There are several locations to a walking path from the park;  there’s a bridge entrance, stairs on the opposite side or past the play area there is a path entrance as well.

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If you live in Falls Church or located near the Greenway Downs neighborhood, this is a great park to take a walk, pack a lunch and enjoy a shaded afternoon out.

Cavalier Trail Park in Falls Church, VA!

Cavalier Trail Park in Falls Church, VA!

A few months ago we were in the City of Falls Church checking out parks and came across Cavalier Trail Park. The parking lot for the park is located off of Maple Avenue before S. Washington Street. The play area is located down the trail and across the walking bridge. If you want to park near the playground you need to park on Westmoreland Road off of S. Washington Street. The park will be on the right side of the road.

Address: 556 S. Maple Ave, Falls Church, VA

The park includes tennis courts, lit basketball court, paved walking/biking trails, and playground. The playground includes one piece of play equipment and swings. The park has plenty of shade and a picnic table to grab a snack. Sadly there are no restrooms at the park. The kids had a blast standing on the bridge throwing sticks into the creek.

The Cavalier Trail Park is a cute little park in the City of Falls Church. If you live in the area you should check it out.