Draper Drive Park in Fairfax, VA!

Draper Drive Park in Fairfax, VA!

A BIG Thank you to our Guest Reviewer, Allie Higgins, for reviewing Draper Drive Park in the City of Fairfax!

Allie Higgins is a mom of two young energetic boys who love to run and play.  Together, they enjoy hiking, biking, swimming and going to the many parks in the area.  Allie has been in the DC/NOVA area for over 10 years; she is writer/researcher and a graduate of Saint Mary’s College at Notre Dame and Vanderbilt University.

Draper Drive Park in the City of Fairfax was, until recently, only soccer fields and walking trails; however, the city has now added a playground that is a fun addition to the park.
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The playground area is set up on part mulch and part rubber surfaces and includes swings and the main play structures even have shade canopies for the equipment. If your children like to get dizzy, there are several spinning pieces and if they prefer to climb, there are climbing walls as well. Slides and monkey bars make this playground complete. There are numerous park benches and two porta-potties adjacent to the playground.
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Draper Drive
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 The soccer field is synthetic turf with goals and bleachers along the fields. Additionally, there is a paved run/walk/bike trail that encircles the park. I especially liked that you can see the entire trail from the playground. While my younger son was swinging, I could still watch my older son ride his bike around the loop. Similarly, if you are at the park to watch a soccer match, you can see the all of the fields from the playground, so that makes it fun for all! This is a great park to check out if you are in the Fairfax area.

Stafford Drive Park in Fairfax, VA!

Stafford Drive Park in Fairfax, VA!

Last week we ventured out to Fairfax County and came across this great park in the City of Fairfax.  Stafford Drive Park has over 24 acres, which includes a multi purpose turf field, large playground, rest rooms and a nice walking trail.

Address: 3300 Stafford Drive, Fairfax, VA 

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 From the parking lot, you can take part of the walking trail to the playground.  The turf field was busy with school aged children practicing soccer.



This playground has so much to do and is great for all ages! There is a large set of playground equipment with three large slides, a small playground for the little ones and another set of equipment that is great for little ones to run around and climb the monkey bars. The entertainment doesn’t stop there;  there is also a climbing wall, a red car, a ball maze, musical instrument section and a whole row of both infant and regular swings.


Upon entering the park there is a large parking lot with ample parking.  Included at the park are restrooms, multi-purpose turf field, walking trails and a very large playground with swings.  The restrooms are located at the entrance of the park.


We did head out to this park right after school let out, so it was starting to get pretty busy by the time made it to the playground area.  However, if you live in the City of Fairfax or in Fairfax County, check this park out!


Thaiss Memorial Park in Fairfax, VA!

Thaiss Memorial Park in Fairfax, VA!

Thaiss Memorial Park is a 10-acre park in the City of Fairfax. The park includes  Little League fields, picnic pavilion, and play equipment. The park is also a point where you can enter the Accotink Stream Valley Trail that is part of the larger Cross County Trail.

Address: 3401 Pickett Road, Fairfax, VA 22031

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Thaiss Memorial Park is mostly a sports park but it does have one piece of play equipment in good shape for the older crowd. A Porta Potty (May-Oct) is available during non sporting times and indoor restrooms are available when Little League games are going on. There is a picnic pavilion to get out of the shade. Check out this City of Fairfax Park!

Green Acres Center in Fairfax, VA!

Green Acres Center in Fairfax, VA!

The Green Acres Center in the City of Fairfax has uses for all ages. It offers senior citizens daily activities and entertainment. Rooms are also available to rent for meetings and other events with a cafeteria, dance studio, multipurpose room, toddler play room and gymnasium. Main Street Child Development Center is also part of the Green Acres Center. This non-profit organization offers affordable daycare to working families who have limited income in the Fairfax area.

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Address: 4401 Sideburn Road, Fairfax, VA 22030


The surrounding areas of the Green Acres Center includes a very large fenced-in playground, basketball courts, little league field, and soccer field. Portable restrooms were located by the little league field but you can also go inside the center and use the indoor restrooms. The fenced-in tot lot had several large pieces of play equipment, tons of swings but only one toddler swing, and what use to be a sand box which had mostly mulch in it but it was covered from the sun. There is no shade around the playground area so on hot days it’s pretty unbearable.


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The boys had a great time at the park. The weather wasn’t too hot and they got to play on all the equipment before the daycare kids came out. The public is absolutely allowed in the park from dawn to dusk so if you live in the City of Fairfax near George Mason University check out the playground area behind the Green Acres Center in the City of Fairfax.

Providence Park in Fairfax, VA!

Providence Park in Fairfax, VA!

Providence Park  is another wonderful park in the City of Fairfax. The park has a great amount of shade around the playground area including a large picnic pavilion and portable restrooms. Tennis courts, basketball court and small amount of walking/hiking trails are also part of the park.


Address: 10715 West Drive, Fairfax, VA 22030

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The playground area has two pieces of great play equipment, a few ride on toys and both types of swings. Shade covers the enter playground area and if that wasn’t enough the area sits next to a large picnic pavilion. Portable restrooms are located near the parking lot and not too far from the play area. We did hit up the small amount of walking trails both natural and manicured.





I think my youngest sons favorite part of the play equipment of large dinosaur you had to walk through to get to the top. This is really great park to stop and have a picnic lunch and let the kids just burn off some energy. If you’re lucky enough to live in the surrounding neighborhoods you would have a nice walk up to the park. If you live in the City of Fairfax or you’re just looking for a new park to take the kids check out Providence Park!



Pat Rodio Park in Fairfax, VA!

Pat Rodio Park in Fairfax, VA!

Pat Rodio Park is located in the City of Fairfax right next door to Paul VI Catholic High School. You can get to the park either by parking on the street in neighborhood behind the high school or parking in the school parking lot. I wouldn’t recommend parking in the lot during the school day.

Address: 3800 Keith Ave, Fairfax, VA 22030

The park has a small set of the swings and a decent piece of play equipment. They recently added a ride on toy and climbing apparatus since we have been there. The park has two baseball fields and soccer goals. In the afternoon hours the play equipment is completely in the shade. There is a porta potty next to the baseball field and when we were there it was is in good condition.


This Fairfax County park is small but if you live in the neighborhood it would a nice place to take the kids to burn off some energy as there is plenty of grass for them to run around on.

Kutner Park in Fairfax, VA!

Kutner Park in Fairfax, VA!

Kutner Park in Fairfax, VA is located off of Jermantown Road near Route 50. You can enter the park either at the entrance on Jermantown Road or walk in from the East side of  the park located in a small single family home development. At the Jermantown Road entrance there is a small sign with an arrow pointing towards the parking lot. You drive a short distance between the 7-Eleven and the soccer fields to locate the parking lot.


Address: 3901 Jermantown Road, Fairfax, VA 22030

The park offers several pieces of newer equipment including a swing set, sand box and picnic pavilion. The park also has a tennis court, volleyball court and hiking trails. A porta potty is located near the parking lot and when we were there the potties were clean and in the shade.

This was a cute park that is tucked in between Route 50 and Lanier Middle School. If you didn’t catch the small sign driving by you would never know the park was located among the busy area near Route 50 and Route 29 in Fairfax County!


Van Dyck Park in Fairfax, VA!

Van Dyck Park in Fairfax, VA!

A few days ago we checked out Van Dyck Park in Fairfax, VA! Located in Fairfax County the park sits right next door to the Stacy C. Sherwood Community Center and the City of Fairfax administration building.


Address: 3720 Old Lee Highway, Fairfax, VA 22030

The park equipment was great. There were several different pieces with little sets scattered around. Some were in the shade and others were in the sun. I did notice a small sandbox set up and several people had brought their own sand toys to play with. There was a large pavilion that offered lots of shade along with several benches. The park offered porta potties that when we were there were in the shade and clean. A basketball court sits alongside a large grassy area where the kids can run around. One part of the park that my oldest enjoyed was the small fenced in skate park. We headed over and watched the teenagers go up and down the ramps and perform tricks. The best part about the skate park is it’s far enough away from the playground that the little kids won’t hear any profane language or see anyone smoking.

This is a great park with plenty for the kids to do! The neighborhood that it’s located in is filled with great older homes and newer developments with convenient access to elementary, middle and high schools. The sign is really hard to see from the road because it’s behind trees and a wooden fence but you can see the playground clearly from the road.