Chinquapin Aquatic and Recreation Park in Alexandria, VA!

Chinquapin Aquatic and Recreation Park in Alexandria, VA!

Chinquapin Park is nice park in Alexandria!  The park includes a playground, swings, walking trails, a community garden plot, a small dog area, picnic pavilion and a variety of different playing fields.

Address:  3210 King Street, Alexandria, VA 

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This park is located across the parking lot from T.C. Williams High School and is especially known for their aquatic center and recreation park.  Outside of the recreation facility is a nice community garden plot center and a shaded dog park.  The community garden plot was fenced in and was well marked.  The shaded dog park is located right below the playground and pavilion area.  While we were there, there were about 12 dogs playing around in the shade.  Although it is narrow, it is a long patch of flat, grassy area for the dogs to play and relax.  Please note the dog park is not fenced in.


The playground equipment includes two slides, monkey bars and a climbing rope.  There are four swings total (two infant and two regular).  As for different playing fields, there is a volleyball court, tennis courts, basketball courts and baseball and soccer fields.   The pavilion is in between the playground and basketball court.  There are also two grills right near the pavilion. Directly behind the pavilion is the part of the park that is for dogs to play and relax.  It is very shaded.  There are walking trails all around the park up to the Aquatic center.


 If you are in the Alexandria area, or are members of the Chinquapin Aquatic center, be sure to take a walk around the building to this park!

Eugene Simpson Stadium Park, Alexandria, VA!

Eugene Simpson Stadium Park, Alexandria, VA!

 Last week we spend some time at a few parks in Alexandria and came across this park.  Eugene Simpson Stadium Park has a baseball playing field, concession stands and a mini, gated in dog park.

Address: 426 E. Monroe Avenue, Alexandria, VA  22301

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Eugene Simpson Stadium Park is located right off of Monroe Street, across the street from Giant and the YMCA.  There are ball fields, basketball court, bleachers, concession stands and a dog park.  There is a small parking lot as you first enter the park.  The dog park is a nice size to let them run around and have fun.  It was very busy that day and it was cute to watch all the dogs run around.


If you live nearby and have a dog, this is a park worth trying out.  Or if you have a child playing ball, bring along your dog and enjoy some time at the dog park.



Four Mile Run Park in Alexandria, VA!

Four Mile Run Park in Alexandria, VA!

Four Mile Run Park in the City of Alexandria is a large park and has a few different entrances depending on what activity you plan on doing at the park. The park includes picnic areas, baseball/softball fields, soccer fields, basketball court, paved walking/biking trails, fishing, and playground. The park gets it’s name from the Four Mile Run Trail that is 7 miles long and runs from Falls Church to Mount Vernon. The Four Mile Run Park has it’s own paved trail that runs through the park and eventually meets up with the Mt. Vernon Trail. For picnic area reservations you can find more info here,

Playground Address: 4131 Mt. Vernon Avenue, Alexandria, VA

Softball/Baseball Fields Address: 3700 Commonwealth Avenue, Alexandria, VA  

 Of course when we were at the park we were more interested in the playground. The playground has one piece of play equipment and both types swings. Restrooms are porta potties by the soccer fields (closest to the play equipment) and also indoor restrooms by the baseball fields. There isn’t much shade over the equipment but there are a few trees around the equipment for the kids to get out of the sun.


Unless you were looking for the playground at Four Mile Run Park you would never know this park had play equipment. To access the play equipment it’s easier to park at the Mt. Vernon Avenue entrance and take the path to the park. If you live in this area of City of Alexandria check out Four Mile Run Park!