Pleasant Hill Park in Centreville, VA!

Pleasant Hill Park in Centreville, VA is a small neighborhood park in the Pleasant Hill section of Virginia Run in Western Fairfax County. The park address that is given on the Fairfax County website will not lead you to the entrance of the park. To find the entrance you need to use the address below.

Address: 6202 Riverland Run, Centreville, VA 20120

The small playground has one piece of play equipment, both types of swings, small picnic bench with cover and one ride on toy (one was missing). The large piece of equipment was in good shape and had a little bit of shade over it depending on what part of the day you are at the park. There are no restrooms at the park.

This was a cute neighborhood park. If plan to head out to this park you can park inside the cul de sac just be respectful to the homeowners or you can park on Hidden Canyon Road and just walk over.



Chalet Woods Park in Centreville, VA!

Last week we ended out in Centreville, VA to meet up with some friends. They recommended Chalet Woods Park located in Centreville, VA in the Chalet Woods single-family home neighborhood. This 10-acre park has lit tennis courts, lit basketball court, playground, and walking/hiking trails.

Address: 14912 Cranoke St., Centreville, VA 22020

Of course we were more interested in the playground area which had lots of shade over the equipment. There is one large piece of equipment and a set of both types of swings. Sadly there were no restrooms that we could find. But we did hit up the walking/hiking trails. The Chalet Woods Park trail eventually runs into the Cub Run Trail System. So if you wanted a good walk, bike or jog you could wind your way through the parks. Most of the trail is paved but some areas needed to be repaved.

You would never know this park existed unless you drove into the neighborhood. If you live in Centreville or the Sully Station area I highly recommend this park.

Bull Run Regional Park in Centreville, VA!

Bull Run Regional Park in Centreville, VA!

A few weeks ago we checked out Bull Run Regional Park in Centreville, VA! This Fairfax County park offers a lot of different activities for everyone including camping, hiking, equestrian trails, picnic shelters, waterpark, disc golf, and several playgrounds. Also towards the end of November through January 3rd the annual Bull Run Festival of Lights showcases a winter wonderland of lights from the comfort of your car.

Address: 7700 Bull Run Drive, Centreville, VA 20121

Near the front of the park is a newer playground area with a large piece of equipment, both types of swings and indoor restrooms right next to the playground area. There isn’t much shade over the equipment but around the play area there is plenty of shade to stand in if the kids get hot.
Bull Run
Bull Run park has large fields where you can hold events and lots of different picnic pavilions and shelters. One large shelter we checked out was called “The Barn” and had a small playground nearby just outside the fence and across the small parking lot was a sand filled playground with clean lit restrooms nearby. The sand filled playground had a lot of older metal equipment and a swing set. There were benches near by with some shade.
Once we were done playing in the large sand playground we walked around on some the trails. There are miles of trail throughout the park with some being paved road and most be equestrian/hiking trails. If you like to camp the park had many spots for tent, RV or cabin camping. A newer large playground is located near the camp grounds and a favorite of my children.
Also part of the park is Atlantis Waterpark which is open from Memorial Day to Labor Day weekend. Near the waterpark you can find the Disc golf course which is open all year.
Near the entrance of the park, NVRPA constructed a Civil War Winter quarters and camp site for the public to see a little bit of history about the The First Battle of Manassas where Bull Run was crossed to engage in conflict.
Bull Run Regional Park is a great spot if you love to camp, host events or hike around. The older playground is supported by the newer equipment throughout the park. My kids and I saw lots of wildlife including turtles, geese and deer. Great park with lots to offer!