Burke Station Park in Burke, VA!

We were at Burke Station Park in Fairfax County during the warmer months. The park offers tennis courts, playground area, basketball court, and walking/hiking trails. In order to reach the park you have to park along the street in the Burke Station neighborhood and follow the long trail down into the park.

Address: 6031 Kerrwood St., Burke, VA 22015



The park offers a ton of shade over the trails and playgroud area. The playground area includes a large piece of play equipment that was in pretty good shape when we were there. There are no swings or restrooms but this was a nice park to stop by and check out. If you live in the Burke Station Area or are lucky enough to live around the 18-acre park this is a nice place to hike around and see the local wildlife.





Burke is a great suburb of the DC Metro Area and very family friendly. If you want to get out of your playground rut check out Burke Station Park and other great Burke Parks featured on NoVA Outdoors.

Rolling Valley West Park in Burke VA!

Rolling Valley West Park in Burke VA!

The weather is suppose to give us a short reprieve towards the end of the week so here is a new review of Rolling Valley West Park in Burke, VA. The park is located next door to the Pohick Regional Library and includes many different sport fields and courts. This Fairfax County park offers lit tennis and basketball courts, lit soccer and softball fields and a playground.

***We headed out in June 2014 to check on a comment a reader had left for us. The play equipment is no longer in good shape with several slides taken down and boarded up. Hopefully they will repaired soon by the county. A parent had mentioned they use the equipment after they spend some time at the library.

Address: 6512 Sydenstricker Rd., Burke, VA 22015

 The playground area is situated right in the middle of the park conviently located between all the sports fields and courts. There isn’t any shade over the park but there are porta potties located in the parking lot. You can always walk over to the library if you wanted to use a clean indoor restroom. The play area includes swings and large play equipment. It has a couple neat features that allow children to slide down parallel bars.

The Fairfax County park site states that they are hiking and biking trails in the park. We weren’t able to get out on the trails this day but we’ve put it back on our list of parks we need to go hiking at when it gets warmer. This park was more of a sports park but the kids still had a great time playing on the equipment while watching the older kids play basketball. If you live in the Burke area near the Pohick Regional Library you should check it out.

Silas Burke Park in Burke, VA!

Silas Burke Park located in Burke, VA. Burke, VA gets its name from Silas Burke a 19th century farmer, merchant and local politician. He owned a large amount of land in Fairfax County and built his home on a large hill overlooking the valley of Pohick Creek. This small park includes a small play area, basketball court and soccer field. The park had some sad events a few years ago but when we were at the park we felt completely safe.

Address: 5815 Parakeet Dr., Burke, VA 22015

The play area includes a small piece of play equipment that was in good shape and in complete shade even without the leaves on the trees. It also had a set of swings and a few ride on toys but sadly no restrooms but there is a shopping mall just outside the neighborhood if it’s an emergency. Parking is available in the cul de sac with a very short walk to the equipment.

 This is a cute Burke neighborhood park and if you live nearby it can be an easy place for the kids to blow off some steam while being protected from the sun!

Burke Lake Park in Fairfax Station, VA!

Burke Lake Park in Fairfax Station, VA!

Today we checked out Burke Lake Park located in Fairfax Station, VA. The 888-acre park located in Fairfax County is absolutely gorgeous. The lake is surrounded by many trails that can accommodate walkers, joggers and bike riders. Fishing and boating are allowed on the lake and rowboat rentals are available at the marina.

Address: 7315 Ox Road Fairfax Station, Virginia

The park includes a marina, golf course, driving range, volleyball courts, campgrounds, and play equipment. The kids will enjoy the miniature train that  runs throughout the park. It is a 10 minute ride that winds through the trails around the lake. A carousel, miniature golf and ice cream parlor are great attractions for the kids.

The park is open from dawn to dusk all year round. Park facilities are open on the weekends starting the last week of April. Between Memorial and Labor Day the park facilities will be open 7 days a week with weather permiting.

Today when we had visited the trees hadn’t completely filled out yet. Once the trees are finally filled out the trails will be completely in the shade and a nice walk during the summer months. We will definitely be returning to either camp with kids, ride the train or just a nice walk through nature.

Next trip Hemlock Overlook in Clifton, VA….