John Byers Park in Alexandria, VA!

John Byers Park in Alexandria, VA!

Williamsburg Manor Park recently renamed John Byers Park in Alexandria is a small natural park with Little Hunting Creek running through it. The playground equipment and basketball court are located towards Collingwood Road. The 25 acre park has a few hiking trails near the creek.

2213 Collingwood Rd., Alexandria, VA 22308


“Old Sign Picture”


The playground is located just off the Collingwood Rd. There is no parking lot and I was forced to park along the shoulder to get to the playground. The equipment is in decent shape but the unlit basketball court is sad shape and is need of a new net and paving. A hiking trail entrance is located along the tree line. We saw several people walking their dogs down the trail.


A small park but a nice spot to stop and have the kids blow off some steam. There is plenty of grass in between the road and the play equipment if you have a runner….:)

Chinquapin Aquatic and Recreation Park in Alexandria, VA!

Chinquapin Aquatic and Recreation Park in Alexandria, VA!

Chinquapin Park is nice park in Alexandria!  The park includes a playground, swings, walking trails, a community garden plot, a small dog area, picnic pavilion and a variety of different playing fields.

Address:  3210 King Street, Alexandria, VA 

T, S, W, R

**Picnic Pavilion Rental Information**

This park is located across the parking lot from T.C. Williams High School and is especially known for their aquatic center and recreation park.  Outside of the recreation facility is a nice community garden plot center and a shaded dog park.  The community garden plot was fenced in and was well marked.  The shaded dog park is located right below the playground and pavilion area.  While we were there, there were about 12 dogs playing around in the shade.  Although it is narrow, it is a long patch of flat, grassy area for the dogs to play and relax.  Please note the dog park is not fenced in.


The playground equipment includes two slides, monkey bars and a climbing rope.  There are four swings total (two infant and two regular).  As for different playing fields, there is a volleyball court, tennis courts, basketball courts and baseball and soccer fields.   The pavilion is in between the playground and basketball court.  There are also two grills right near the pavilion. Directly behind the pavilion is the part of the park that is for dogs to play and relax.  It is very shaded.  There are walking trails all around the park up to the Aquatic center.


 If you are in the Alexandria area, or are members of the Chinquapin Aquatic center, be sure to take a walk around the building to this park!

Eugene Simpson Stadium Park, Alexandria, VA!

Eugene Simpson Stadium Park, Alexandria, VA!

 Last week we spend some time at a few parks in Alexandria and came across this park.  Eugene Simpson Stadium Park has a baseball playing field, concession stands and a mini, gated in dog park.

Address: 426 E. Monroe Avenue, Alexandria, VA  22301

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Eugene Simpson Stadium Park is located right off of Monroe Street, across the street from Giant and the YMCA.  There are ball fields, basketball court, bleachers, concession stands and a dog park.  There is a small parking lot as you first enter the park.  The dog park is a nice size to let them run around and have fun.  It was very busy that day and it was cute to watch all the dogs run around.


If you live nearby and have a dog, this is a park worth trying out.  Or if you have a child playing ball, bring along your dog and enjoy some time at the dog park.



Potomac Yard Park in Alexandria, VA!

Potomac Yard Park in Alexandria, VA!

This past week we utilized the warm weather and explored through a few parks in Alexandria.  We accidentally came across this park…and were very pleased we did!!  Potomac Yard Park is an excellent,  recently developed park on over 20+acres in the currently developing Potomac Yard neighborhood.

Address: 2501 Potomac Avenue, Alexandria, VA 

T, S, W, -

Potomac Yard park has it all and the playground reminded me of the very popular, Clemyjontri Park.  Although all the parking is on the street, there was ample parking spots and free parking.  The park is set up a little different than a typical park and goes down a straight path for quite a while.  Behind the park are railroad tracks and during our visit 13, yes THIRTEEN trains went by.  My boys LOVED watching the “choo choo’s”.   At the beginning of the park, you will find tennis courts, basketball courts and a sitting area to watch the trains and read a little history.  As you walk down the path, you will come across two, gated in playgrounds.  One is for 5 and older and the other one is for 5 and under.  In between each playground is an interactive fountain area with picnic tables and benches.  The playgrounds were different and a lot of fun!  The 5 and under playground had a train themed maze, a large piece of equipment for the kids to run around on.  Included in the gated area were kid style hammocks and swings.  The 5+ gated in playground has another piece of equipment for the kids to run around on.  In addition there is a balance beam, zip line, spinning chairs, hammocks, swings and a climbing wall.  Unfortunately there are no restrooms, as of right now at this park; however this is the Potomac Yard Center just. 4 miles away.

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This park is a definite must see! After our visit at this park we just hopped into the park and drove to the marina at Old Town as it was only 2 miles down the road.  Pack a picnic lunch and have

Bren Mar Park in Alexandria!

Bren Mar Park is a 26-acre park in Alexandria, VA. The park has a large piece of play equipment, unscheduled baseball diamond, small picnic pavilion and a natural trail system. The master plan of the park has changed and as of 2011 the baseball diamond is going to be changed into a dog park. The funds are not yet available for the change but once funds are allocated the change will be made.

6324 Edsall Rd., Alexandria, VA 22312


bren mar3

The park offers an older large piece of play equipment and few ride on pieces. There is some shade around the equipment but no restrooms at this park. The picnic pavilion is small and little weathered but does give some shade. We did hit the small amount of trails and the kids had a good time on the natural surface. Strollers could make it but it would a bumpy ride. Once the dog park finally gets installed, the trails would be a perfect spot to jog/walk with a dog.

Bren mar

bren mar1

bren mar2



Bren Mar is definitely an older park and needs a little bit more mulch and some TLC. The kids still had a great time on the equipment and heading out on the trails. If you live in the Edsall area of Alexandria this little park would be a place to stop and play.


Burgundy Community Center in Alexandria, VA!

Burgundy Community Center in Alexandria, VA!

  Established in 1970 for residents of the Burgundy Village area in Alexandria, Burgundy Community Center is located in Alexandria and has plenty of shade when traveling to this park.

5516 Norton Road, Alexandria, VA 22303

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Cameron Elementary School is located right next to this community center.  There is an open parking lot with plenty of parking.  There are two pieces of equipment, one shaded and one not as shaded.  Though there are not any swings, there are walking trails, basketball and tennis courts.  The walking/hiking trail is connected to the Burgundy Village neighborhood.  There are not any outside restrooms, although you can easily go into the school or the Community Center and use the indoor restrooms.  On the trail, near the other playground is a little bridge to cross.  My boys loved walking over the bridge, to see what was under it, especially since we went to this park in the Fall.


If you are located in the Burgundy Village, I highly recommend checking out the park at this Community Center and look into their activity schedule while you visit!

Jefferson Manor Park in Alexandria, VA!

Jefferson Manor Park in Alexandria, VA!

Located off of Telegraph Road, Jefferson Manor Park is a very spacious Fairfax County park which offers a nice sized playground and lots of room to run around.


2909 Farmington Drive, Alexandria, Va 22310

T, -, W, R

This park is an ideal location for a family or friends get together.  Some of the amenities include baseball court, little league field, playground area, restrooms and a huge scenic area with lots of room to run around ( bring a ball or boccie ball to entertain all).   The playground is a nicely sized lot including two slides, monkey bars and other play areas.  Jefferson Manor Park also has a baseball field, basketball court, pavilion, grills, restrooms, picnic tables and benches.  The pavilion can be rented for just a small amount.  As a mom with two young kids,  I really enjoyed that the parking lot was at the bottom of the hill, off of the main road, making it convenient to let the little minds explore around the park.


This park has so much to offer.  If you are in the Alexandria area or are planning to be, I highly recommend planning a day trip with your family or group of friends and enjoy all the perks this park has to offer!

Please note:  If you would like to book their shelter, please click here.

Huntington Park in Alexandria, Va

Huntington Park in Alexandria, Va

This park is located  in the middle of the Huntington neighborhood, not too far from the Huntington metro, located in Alexandria.  This park is located in a cul-da-sac and has plenty of parking.

T, S, W, -

Huntington Park, Alexandria, VA

 The tot lot is set back into the park, along the walking trail.  There are two slides, a tunneled and a wraparound.  Next to the tot lot is a set of two toddler swings.  In addition to all the amenities, this park has benches, trash cans and a grill.  There is not much shade over the equipment, but the park as a whole as lots of trees that give off lots of shade.


This is a nice neighborhood park to let the kids burn some energy.  So if you are in the Huntington neighborhood or close to the area, check this park out!

Huntley Meadows Park in Alexandria, VA!

Huntley Meadows Park in Alexandria, VA!

Huntley Meadows Park makes my Top 10 list! My boys have never seen so many turtles, frogs and dragonflies in one place. Huntley Meadows Park is 1500-acres with a freshwater wetland. The park includes a Visitor Center, 3 different trails, 1/2 mile of Boardwalk trail through the wetlands, Observation Tower, and a whole lot of different wildlife throughout the park.

Address: 3701 Lockheed Blvd, Alexandria, VA 22306

-, -, W, R


The visitor center in the park has several exhibits that are interactive. The different exhibits explain the history of the wetlands and the different birds, mammals, reptiles and insects that can be found in the wetlands. Educational programs and events are put on by the Fairfax County Park Authority at the Visitor Center classrooms and auditorium. The visitor center does have indoor restrooms and water fountains for public use.





The boys loved the boardwalk trail through the wetlands. We saw a ton of wildlife including dragonflies, all different turtle species, frogs, fish, Great Blue Heron but we didn’t make it out to the observation tower to see the beavers. Sadly the youngest was having a melt down by the time we made it to the end of the boardwalk but we could still see the beaver lodges from the boardwalk trail. The park is doing some restorative work towards the backside of the beaver area until about December so you might not see the beavers out while they are working with the heavy machinery. In addition to the boardwalk trail that doesn’t allow jogging, biking or dogs there are additional trails that meet up with the boardwalk trail on both ends that allow all three of these activities. The Observation Tower looked really neat and we are going to go back to the park to get some great shots of the beaver lodges and the overlook of the park. **In one of the pictures below see if you can find the snapping turtle hiding amongst the water lilies.








The parks trails beside the boardwalk trail is crushed gravel and pretty flat so bikes, strollers,  and wagons would do okay on the trails. We had a great time at the park and are definitely headed back when the temperatures cool a bit. Even if you don’t live in the area I would recommend checking out this great natural park!!

Woodlawn Neighborhood Park in Alexandria, VA!

Woodlawn Neighborhood Park in Alexandria, VA!

Our next stop when we were in Alexandria was Woodlawn Neighborhood Park. This small neighborhood park is tucked back behind a newer development off of Route 1. The 11-acre Fairfax County park includes a shaded playground area with swings, picnic tables, basketball and tennis courts. There are a small amount of paved and hiking trails in the park.

Address: 4800 Manor Dr., Alexandria, VA 22309

T, S, W, -


 The playground area has a small tot lot with one piece of equipment and both types of swings. There is a ton of shade over and around the equipment. Sadly there are no restrooms at this park but you’re not that far from Route 1 to find a public restroom.




This park gets its namesake from the area of Alexandria you’ll find the park in. This use to be my husband’s grandparents neighborhood so it brings back lots of memories for us. If you live near Route 1 and Woodlawn & Pope-Leighey House check out this small park.