Huntington Park in Alexandria, Va

Huntington Park in Alexandria, Va

This park is located  in the middle of the Huntington neighborhood, not too far from the Huntington metro, located in Alexandria.  This park is located in a cul-da-sac and has plenty of parking.

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Huntington Park, Alexandria, VA

 The tot lot is set back into the park, along the walking trail.  There are two slides, a tunneled and a wraparound.  Next to the tot lot is a set of two toddler swings.  In addition to all the amenities, this park has benches, trash cans and a grill.  There is not much shade over the equipment, but the park as a whole as lots of trees that give off lots of shade.


This is a nice neighborhood park to let the kids burn some energy.  So if you are in the Huntington neighborhood or close to the area, check this park out!

Mt. Zephyr Park in Alexandria, VA!

Mt. Zephyr Park in Alexandria, VA!

Mt. Zephyr Park in Alexandria, VA is located in the community of Mt. Zephyr. The community sits on George Washington’s Mt. Zephyr Farm in Fairfax County. The Mt. Zephyr area has a lot of history. If you’re interested in learning a little more about the past history or current neighborhood check out the Mt. Zephyr Site. The small corner neighborhood park has a small amount of grass with picnic tables, benches and play equipment.

Address: 8601 Richmond Ave., Alexandria, VA

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The small playground has a little bit of shade around the medium sized play equipment and two (2) ride on toys. There are no restrooms at this park but plenty of picnic benches to bring a snack or picnic lunch.


If you live in or near the Mt. Zephyr area you should check out the small neighborhood park.

Windmill Hill Park in Alexandria, VA!

Windmill Hill Park in Alexandria, VA!

Windmill Hill Park in the City of Alexandria sits just off the Potomac River in the Olde Town portion of Alexandria. As the kids play on the playground they can see the water. The playground area is fenced-in from the street and grassy area. Parking is along the street and there is plenty of it.

Address: 501 South Union Street, Alexandria, VA 22314

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Windmill Hill Park has the traditional play equipment with both types of swings. It also has a sandbox with lots of donated toys and a small slide for the toddlers. One unique feature is the rope climb in the middle of the park. The ropes are situated over a cushioned base and the kids can climb up and down.


The kids really loved this park. After we got done playing at the park we walked across the street and checked out the water. Along the walkway is a private dock where the kids could see the boats and also the Woodrow Wilson Bridge in the distance. If you live near Olde Town Alexandria you should check out Windmill Hill Park!

Huntley Meadows Park in Alexandria, VA!

Huntley Meadows Park in Alexandria, VA!

Huntley Meadows Park makes my Top 10 list! My boys have never seen so many turtles, frogs and dragonflies in one place. Huntley Meadows Park is 1500-acres with a freshwater wetland. The park includes a Visitor Center, 3 different trails, 1/2 mile of Boardwalk trail through the wetlands, Observation Tower, and a whole lot of different wildlife throughout the park.

Address: 3701 Lockheed Blvd, Alexandria, VA 22306

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The visitor center in the park has several exhibits that are interactive. The different exhibits explain the history of the wetlands and the different birds, mammals, reptiles and insects that can be found in the wetlands. Educational programs and events are put on by the Fairfax County Park Authority at the Visitor Center classrooms and auditorium. The visitor center does have indoor restrooms and water fountains for public use.





The boys loved the boardwalk trail through the wetlands. We saw a ton of wildlife including dragonflies, all different turtle species, frogs, fish, Great Blue Heron but we didn’t make it out to the observation tower to see the beavers. Sadly the youngest was having a melt down by the time we made it to the end of the boardwalk but we could still see the beaver lodges from the boardwalk trail. The park is doing some restorative work towards the backside of the beaver area until about December so you might not see the beavers out while they are working with the heavy machinery. In addition to the boardwalk trail that doesn’t allow jogging, biking or dogs there are additional trails that meet up with the boardwalk trail on both ends that allow all three of these activities. The Observation Tower looked really neat and we are going to go back to the park to get some great shots of the beaver lodges and the overlook of the park. **In one of the pictures below see if you can find the snapping turtle hiding amongst the water lilies.








The parks trails beside the boardwalk trail is crushed gravel and pretty flat so bikes, strollers,  and wagons would do okay on the trails. We had a great time at the park and are definitely headed back when the temperatures cool a bit. Even if you don’t live in the area I would recommend checking out this great natural park!!

Woodlawn Neighborhood Park in Alexandria, VA!

Woodlawn Neighborhood Park in Alexandria, VA!

Our next stop when we were in Alexandria was Woodlawn Neighborhood Park. This small neighborhood park is tucked back behind a newer development off of Route 1. The 11-acre Fairfax County park includes a shaded playground area with swings, picnic tables, basketball and tennis courts. There are a small amount of paved and hiking trails in the park.

Address: 4800 Manor Dr., Alexandria, VA 22309

T, S, W, -


 The playground area has a small tot lot with one piece of equipment and both types of swings. There is a ton of shade over and around the equipment. Sadly there are no restrooms at this park but you’re not that far from Route 1 to find a public restroom.




This park gets its namesake from the area of Alexandria you’ll find the park in. This use to be my husband’s grandparents neighborhood so it brings back lots of memories for us. If you live near Route 1 and Woodlawn & Pope-Leighey House check out this small park.

Mount Vernon Manor Park in Alexandria, VA!

Mount Vernon Manor Park in Alexandria, VA!

Mount Vernon Manor Park is a neighborhood park located amongst the Mount Vernon Manor subdivision. The park includes nice tennis courts, basketball court and baseball field. The 13-acre has some paved & pressed gravel walking trails around the park in addition to a small picnic area in complete shade. To check for picnic area reservations and more information head over to

Address: Oak Leaf Drive., Alexandria, VA 22307

or 8800 McNair Drive, Alexandria, VA 22307 (Runs parallel to Oak Leaf, head all the way to the end of cul-de-sac)

*****Beware the Fairfax COUNTY site gives the wrong address! You can turn on Oak Leaf Drive and drive all the way to the end of cul-de-sac. Tennis courts will be the first thing you see with the playground located in the middle of park****

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The playground area is in the middle of the park but can be reached by paved trails. The park has one large piece of play equipment, ride on toy and both types of swings. The park has some shade with plenty of large trees surrounding the it for the kids to get out of the sun. Portable restrooms are available by the baseball field.



The Mount Vernon Manor Park is nice neighborhood park in Alexandria. If you live in the Mount Vernon area near Fort Belvoir you should check it out.

Grist Mill Park in Alexandria, VA!

Grist Mill Park in Alexandria, VA!

On our latest park hopping trip our first stop was Grist Mill Park in Alexandria, VA. I was pleasantly surprised to see such a large park on the east side Route 1. The big red Barn and Silo is easily visible from the road and parking lot. Around the barn are community garden plots and a off leash dog park. The 75-acre park also has baseball fields, soccer fields and basketball courts.

Address: 4710 Mt. Vernon Memorial Hwy., Alexandria, VA 22309

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In addition to the sports facilities, the park has a large playground area equipped with large and small pieces of play equipment. All was in great shape and many different activities for all skill level. There was no shade over the equipment but there were several trees around the play area the kids could get under out of the sun. Sadly there are no swings at this park but there are restrooms in the form of porta potties near the parking lot. If you’re into walking, hiking and or biking there are a few crushed stone paths around sports fields and a few hiking trails along the tree line towards the back and along the edges of the park.





The proximity to Fort Belvoir makes it a nice retreat from the base for military families. If you live near the Fort Belvoir area of Alexandria you should check out Grist Mill Park!

Dowden Terrace Park in Alexandria, VA!

Dowden Terrace Park in Alexandria, VA!

Dowden Terrace Park in Alexandria is located in the Dowden Terrace neighborhood. The 8-acre park includes a baseball field, tennis court, basketball court, picnic shelter, tot lot and swings.

Address: 5616 Bradley Blvd., Alexandria, VA 22311

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The park has a small tot lot with regular swings. No restrooms available but the picnic shelter is right next to the tot lot. In addition to the small tot lot the tennis and basketball court are in good shape. The playground area is in almost complete shade.






This is a cute little neighborhood park with plenty of sport fields and courts to use. If you happen to live near the Dowden Terrace neighborhood you should check out this neighborhood park.

Glen Hills Park in Alexandria, VA!

Glen Hills Park in Alexandria, VA!

Glen Hills Park is located in the Heywood Glen neighborhood of Alexandria,VA. Current construction on the Holmes Run Chambliss Crossing Project is fun for the kids to watch while they play at the playground. Eventually the crossing will connect the Dora Kelley Nature Park and Glen Hills Park.

Address: 6090 Larstan Dr., Alexandria, VA 22312

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The 2.5-acre park includes picnic tables and one large piece of play equipment. There was plenty of shade but no restrooms. On the day we were there was woodpecker was overhead making lots of noise. During the summer months the park will be in complete shade and has a very natural feel.

In you live in Alexandria and you’re looking for a small natural park Glen Hills Park is perfect.


Glasgow Park in Alexandria, VA!

Glasgow Park in Alexandria, VA!

Glasgow Park is located in the Parklawn neighborhood in Alexandria, VA. This 4-acre park includes a tot lot, both types of swings and picnic tables.

Address: 3935 Arcadia Rd., Alexandria, VA 22312

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The park has a large playground with both types of swings. There aren’t any restrooms and  not much shade around the playground. But there were plenty of picnic tables. It does have a small fence around the park to the slow the escapees down a little. Parking is located at the street on a curve.


 This would be awesome if it had a little shade around the park but the upside is the different types of play equipment it offers. The boys have a blast trying to climb metal chain ladder. If you live in the Parklawn neighborhood or in the Alexandria area you should check out Glasgow Park!