Cabots Point in Reston, VA!

Cabots Point park in Reston, VA is located off of South Lakes Drive and Cabots Point Drive in the Cabots Point neighborhood.  Located in a cul-da-sac, this park is in a quiet neighborhood with lots of shade and space, making it enjoyable with my little ones.

2000 Cabots Point Drive, Reston, VA 

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If you’re looking for a more quiet park to visit, this one is a great option.  As I mentioned above, located in a cul-da-sac, this park has infant and regular swings, a nice, sturdy piece of playground equipment including two slides, a steering wheel and a climbing wall.  Fun for all ages! Although there are not picnic tables, there are a few benches and a nice, big shaded tree that is perfect for a picnic.  There is a large open play area as well where the kids can run around and play some outdoors games.  There is a walking path that connects around the neighborhood as well.  If you bring your dog, they also have a trash can and a “dog waste” station with bags for your convenience.


If you are in the Cabot Point neighborhood and looking for a nice discreet park to visit, put this one down on your list of parks to visit! You won’t be disappointed!

**Please note:  There is not a restroom at this park location**

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