Bready Park in Herndon, VA!

Today was beautiful so we headed out to a new park, Bready Park in Herndon, VA. Bready Park is located right next to the Herndon Community Center and across the way from the Herndon Centennial Golf Course.

****Thank you to Carrie for heading over and seeing the new equipment!*****
“My name is Carrie Hanna. I live in Sterling. I have two girls ages 5 and 3. I’m a local photographer and volunteer my time with a local youth group at church.”

Address: 814 Ferndale Avenue, Herndon, VA

The indoor restrooms are conveniently located right next to the equipment which was a bonus for this potty trainer. A picnic pavilion is also next to the park and can be rented for events. The indoor and outdoor tennis courts sit adjacent to the park. My youngest was in heaven watching the tennis players hit back and forth. In addition to the tennis courts the park also has two baseball fields and a soccer field. The W & OD Trail runs right by the park so if you live in the area you could just hop on the trail to get to the park.

There are two areas, one for the toddler/pre-k age group and then one for the older kids.
For the toddler group they added colorful slides and climbing toys, as well as a sit and spin toy that the kids love. They also added a climbing wall for the younger children to practice on. They added a climbing wall for the older kids and taller slides with lots of toys to spin on. They also added a spider web for climbing. There are the traditional monkey bars and a log roll to stand and run on.


Bready Park


bready park

bready park

If you live in the area you should check out this Fairfax County park!

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